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Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Guild Commoner
Instance Prime


Tartsnatcher Myravel, a Halfling, has a square face, hazel eyes and a straight nose. Their golden brown hair is very long and thick, and is worn untamed.
They have fair skin and a lean build. They are a bit over average height for a Halfling.
They are a tartsnatcher. They are clean shaven.
They are in good shape, for a Halfling.

They are wearing a divine charm, a small case, a rugged green backpack, a quilted gambeson, a crude dishcloth sling, a darkened leather hip pouch branded with a rolled scroll, a rough leather pouch and some green pantaloons.


Myravel looks and sounds like a young and unusually curious halfling, fresh from Arthe Dale. They can often be found lurking near food, hiding in pantries, swimming in pleasant brooks and streams, and trying to avoid the attention of the bigger, scarier folk in Crossing. Their passions are food, arts of all varieties, history, and pipe weed. They are reclusive and shy, and generally dislike any sort of rough, dangerous, or unkind business. Being so young, small, and timid, they are inclined to hide or run from trouble rather than confront it. A habit of being unusually curious for a halfling will often lead them directly into trouble, however.