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Mordiazi Neus
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime

Mordiazi Neus, a Forest Elf, was born in Leth Deriel on the last day of the year in 310, year of the Golden Panther. Mordiazi attended the Izma Ru'ef university in Leth Deriel from the year 342 to 349. He focused on history and politics. In 349, he decided to stay at the university as an assistant professor.

In 354, he left Leth Deriel for the first time in his life and moved to Crossings where he joined the Bard's guild. Soon after,he moved to a culture that was closer to his own and settled in Shard. During his time in Shard he fought against the Gorbesh with his brother Torlian, defending the temples and gates from attack.

Some time during the next four years, he returned once again to Leth Deriel. After hearing of the strife, lack of confidence and understanding in the cities government he sought a way to make it better. In 358, he decided to form a traditional Elven government and begin petitioning the crown of Zoluren for recognition as the legitimate government of the city.

Affiliations and Activities

Mordiazi was founder and Voice of the Council of Leth Deriel, which later became known as the Dirge Council. He is heavily into Zoluren politics, having been linked to Prince Sirolarn, Mayoress Lindryl, Prince Vorclaf, and many others.

Has also been known to have dealt with more shady figures such as Midjure and Ralel.

He is often identified with movements that advance the idea of an Elven nation, or Elven supremacy. Just due to the very fact that he was the public face of the movement to restore a traditional Elven government to the city of Leth Deriel. He is sometimes very outspoken on these issues.

Was commissioned as a Commander of the Zoluren Infantry during the war against Sura.

Mordiazi is also rumored to be behind the capture of Darkensi's mate, and subsequent ransom of Darkensi into the Dirge Council's hands. Which led directly to Darkensi agreeing to pull back his forces from Dirge and leave the war completely.

After a few quiet years helping the Dirge Council rule their city, he retired back home in order to undertake research into the life and times of the Mother and Father. He has recently returned and now lives in a quiet neighborhood in Leth Deriel, sometimes making the trips to other cities as needed.

Currently a member of The Order of the White Rose.


You see Mordiazi Neus, an Elf. He has pointed ears and green eyes. his auburn hair is long and straight, and is worn tied back. He has fair skin. He has a tattoo of the great Sana'ati Dyaus Drui'tas with the crest of the Izma Ru'ef University formed by the branches on his right wrist. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a hooded Elven hunting cloak with a forest green clasp etched with the Neus family crest, a braided spidersilk haversack, an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack, a high-collared formal robe fashioned from emerald green silk, an albredine crystal ring, a forest-green leather belt with oak leaf plaques and some dark green side-laced suede boots with copper trim.