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Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Stargazer Monoak, Celestian of Elanthia, a Dwarven Moon Mage who is crowned by a ring of glimmering stars.

"Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
Predict I may, predict I might,
Have blessings from what I predict tonight."

A barrier of black lines surrounds Monoak. The lines are thin and crazed, creating the illusion that he is a broken glass sculpture. Monoak appears to be bathed in soft moonlight, the shadows it creates lending a slightly foreboding aspect that lingers with you far after you've stopped looking.

He is wearing a conical black wizard's hat strewn with twinkling points of starlight, a silversteel chain helm embellished with tiny cabochon star diopsides, a bloodgem-eyed albino anaconda charm crafted from oravir, a moonstone-eyed grass eel charm, a celestial blue bowtie accented with silver stars, a cobalt starlight velvet wrap with dappled with pale blue moonstones, a Xibar-blue leather cloak clasped at the neck with a glistening silver star set with a dark sapphire, a polished platinum star set with a small dark sapphire, a green-scaled dragon with firestained ka'hurst and absinthe emerald eyes, a blue-scaled basilisk with firestained uthamar and ice sapphire eyes, a red-scaled wyvern with firestained indurium and blood ruby eyes, a gold-scaled angiswaerd with firestained vardite and eldring eyes, a black robe strewn with twinkling points of starlight, a polished ruby armband inset with mosaic moons chased with platinum, an icy blue mage's satchel stitched with esoteric geometric patterns, a magnificent diamond-hide star awash in shimmering celestial hues, a luxurious silvery moonsilk shirt buttoned with starstones, a wide bright red crystal armband filled with floating motes of trapped light, a heavy platinum bracer patterned with geometric cambrinth symbols, a silver ring engraved with twining moons and stars, a midnight blue spidersilk belt clasped with a dragon-shaped buckle, some silversteel chain greaves with tiny cabochon star diopsides running around the edges, a star-streaked midnight black sack fastened with an obsidian murder crow and some sapphire blue diamond-hide boots buckled with darkstone.

Celestial Aspect Form

Through a shadowy black haze, you see a Dwarven Celestial Aspect of Katamba with dark skin and sapphire eyes.

Custom Login/Logout Messages

Monoak silently steps from the shadows.

Monoak suddenly slips into the shadows and disappears.