Monkeying Around (1)

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Monkeying Around
Event Thorkim Family Farm 429
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Monkeying Around, The Baobab Tree]
A lush canopy of woven palm fronds covers the tent's high ceiling in thick greenery, while paper lanterns strung upon the walls cast a warm glow over the shop's merchandise. In the middle of the room is a stunted baobab tree, its root-like branches laden with sacks. Small tables lie in opposite corners at the back of the shop, their surfaces brimming with a hodgepodge of items.
You also see an open tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the moabi table
Item Price Done
small moabi curiosity cabinet 62,500   !!
plush pineapple dusted with gold glitter 150,000   !!
small oval basket woven out of palm fronds 56,250   
dark silk coconut covered in fuzzy brown hairs 56,250   !!
outrageously large organza banana 62,500   !!
On the palmwood table
Item Price Done
polished Elven gold bucket etched with frolicking monkeys 312,500   !!
banded maple and oak beer stein topped with an ivory lid 62,500   !!
small wooden keg banded with silver 187,500   !!
ivory lotusweave poke embroidered with copper monkeys 437,500   
dark umber silk tree hollow 81,250   !!
On the twisted branch
Item Price Done
lush jungle green sack clasped with a gold palm frond 43,750   !!
sea-blue watersilk sack clasped with a silver fish 62,500   !!
bright red faille sack clasped with a poppy 56,250   !!
burnished copper silk sack clasped with a steel coconut 43,750   !!
dark orange samite sack patterned with tiger stripes 43,750   !!
On the gnarled branch
Item Price Done
fuschia sack lined with silver silk 43,750   !!
foggy grey sack lined with aquamarine silk 43,750   !!
banana-hued sack lined with creamy white silk 43,750   !!
amethyst sack lined with light grey silk 43,750   !!
shadowy black sack lined with sanguine silk 43,750   !!