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A type of container used by Rangers to help store for longer duration carved meat for wolf companions.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Black painted box with an enameled claspQuick Bite (1)Quick Bite (2)truetrue
Blue painted box with an iron claspQuick Bite (1)Quick Bite (2)truetrue
Brown box painted with autumn leavesQuick Bite (1)Quick Bite (2)truetrue
Burlap-covered box with a simple claspQuick Bite (2)truetrue
Canvas-covered box with a copper claspQuick Bite (1)Quick Bite (2)truetrue
Copperwood box with a silver claspQuick Bite (2)truetrue
Dull nickel box with a frog claspQuick Bite (2)truetrue
Flamewood box with a gear-shaped claspHollow Eve 406 Raffle Centertrue
Garnet-red box with a steel claspQuick Bite (2)truetrue
Green painted box with a leaf-shaped claspQuick Bite (1)Quick Bite (2)true
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