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A marlingspike or marlinspike is a tool used in ropework for tasks such as unlaying rope for splicing, untying knots, forming a toggle (for releasing ropes joined under tension such as with a belaying pin splice), or forming a makeshift handle.

A marlinspike is a polished cone tapered to a rounded or flattened point, usually 6 to 12 inches long, although sometimes 26 inches or longer, depending on what ply and size of rope they are intended for. The marlinspike is a tool made from metal, usually iron or steel, differentiating it from the fid which is similar in shape and function but made from wood or bone.[1]


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Dull iron marlingspiketruetrue
Marlingspike (crafted)false
Scrimshaw marlinspikeCaptain Namazzi's Ship Goodstrue
Steel marlingspike polished to a high glossHollow Eve Festival 410/Rafflestruetrue
Weapon:Dull iron marlingspiketrue
Weapon:Marlingspike (crafted)false
Weapon:Scrimshaw marlinspikeCaptain Namazzi's Ship Goodsfalse
Weapon:Steel marlingspike polished to a high glossHollow Eve Festival 410/Rafflestrue
Weapon:Wooden-handled marlingspike engraved with a skullAkigwe's Legacy: Secrets of the Towertrue
Weapon:Wooden-hilted iron marlinspiketrue
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