Marine Marvels (2)

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Marine Marvels
Event Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Marine Marvels]
Plush aquamarine velvet lines the walls of the tent, replicating the ocean's hues, which show off the collection of jewels displayed to their natural advantage. Globe-shaped gaezthen spheres in a variety of sizes line the ceiling, exuding a soft glow that mimics bubbles caught in the sea's gurgling foam. Watered silk covers a padded bench that has been strategically placed near a shell-framed mirror, allowing customers to admire their new treasures while they rest and ponder the next purchase.
You also see a polished trident with some stuff on it, a driftwood branch with some stuff on it, a finger coral with some stuff on it, a small gold chest, a silver starfish with some stuff on it, a dried sea fan with some stuff on it, and a velvet tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the polished trident
Item Price Done
crimson sea glass choker strung on twisted rawhide cord 875   
multicolored sea glass teardrops dangling from a black silk cord 1,250   
leaf-green sea glass hung from a braided rawhide cord 875   
blackened shark's teeth strung on braided strips of cured leather 2,500   
dragon claw necklace cut from polished black coral 1,500   
chunk of brain coral hung from a heavy steel chain 625   
flame coral necklace designed to resemble a blazing inferno 937   
On the driftwood branch
Item Price Done
twisted silver ring enhanced by a waterfall of multicolored sea glass 2,500   
blackened steel ring set with a rounded chunk of brain coral 625   
flame coral ring designed to resemble a blazing inferno 937   
forged gold ring set with a black coral pirate ship outlined in crystals 25,000   
silver rose ring with delicately frilled petals cut from pink sea glass 2,500   
heavy silver band clasping a white coral dragon breathing crystal flames 1,875   
polished brass ring inlaid with a mosaic of sea glass in a shield pattern 875   
On the finger coral
Item Price Done
silver filigree ring accented by geshi pearls to resemble a crashing wave 25,000   
intricate platinum ring with a night-black idopun pearl grasped by clawed prongs 500,000   
gold ring set with a talan pearl masterfully carved into a grotesque skull 100,000   
ruby-studded ring trapping damilyo pearls within a tangle of thorny gold briars 50,000   
white gold serpent ring gripping a damaryn pearl within its coiled body 33,750   
pinky ring bearing a sun-shaped dafora pearl with flames of yellow sapphire 97,500   
In the gold chest
Item Price Done
wide band cradling a pale blue moon pearl within a swirl of diamond-studded platinum 225,000   
platinum engagement ring set with an exquisite moon pearl encircled by diamonds 687,500   
platinum wedding ring with a moon pearl nestled in a spray of diamonds and sapphires 250,000   
platinum ring designed with a jeweled hummingbird hovering over a lustrous moon pearl 250,000   
small platinum hoop earring with a dangling diamond-capped moon pearl 225,000   
moon pearl trapped in a diamond cage that dangles from a delicate platinum chain 225,000   
thin platinum choker decorated in sprays of sapphires that enhance its moon pearl clasp 200,000   
intricate circlet of diamond-trimmed platinum roses with a dangling moon pearl 375,000   
On the silver starfish
Item Price Done
champagne pearl grasped by an arched claw hung from a sturdy gold chain 25,000   
glossy black pearl trapped in a heart-shaped silver cage hung from a thin chain 12,500   
silvery-white pearl trapped in a tiny platinum cage hung from a linked chain 112,500   
strand of champagne pearls clasped by a yellow sapphire teardrop set in gold 100,000   
long strand of lady's blush pearls 75,000   
strand of large stormy black pearls 75,000   
twisted choker of rose-hued pearls clasped by an exquisite pink sapphire 375,000   
triple-stranded choker of midnight black pearls clasped with a platinum dragon 125,000   
On the sea fan
Item Price Done
twisted silver earcuff set with a white coral dragon breathing crystal flames 2,500   
silver rose earrings with delicately frilled petals cut from pink sea glass 2,500   
gold hoop earring threaded with a black coral pirate ship outlined in crystals 15,000   
dangling silver earrings trimmed in a waterfall of multi-colored sea glass 2,500   
pair of sun-shaped dafora pearl earrings surrounded by jeweled flames 100,000   
talan pearl earrings carved into a skull and crossbones 37,500   
platinum claw earrings accented with dangling idopun pearls 268,750   
white gold serpent earcuff coiled around a damaryn pearl 75,000