Magical Minions (1)

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Magical Minions
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 410
# of Rooms 2
Store Type toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Magical Minions, Creatures from Afar]
A vibrant backdrop circles the front room of the wagon, creating faux environments around a lush tree with silken leaves and a miniature sand barge. Centered along the eastern side of the room in front of a fanciful backdrop, a painted stool sits next to a deep mahogany table just below an ebonwood shelf. You also see an ironwood rack with a few things on it, a hanging wire strung across the room with a few things on it, a khor'vela chest and a large dragon-shaped door.
Obvious exits: north.

Behind the ebonwood shelf
Item Price Done
red-gold scaled dragon with black spines 27,060   !!
blazing blue dragon with opalescent eyes 27,060   
amethyst scaled dragon with wispy wings 27,060   No
On the lush tree with silken leaves
Item Price Done
yearling gryphon with pale gold feathers 36,080   No
gryphon with burnished bronze feathers 36,080   
tawny gold gryphon with red down feathers 36,080   No
On the painted stool etched with stylized flames
Item Price Done
soot-covered baby phoenix 31,570   No
ashy phoenix with crumbling wings 31,570   No
fiery-colored phoenix with blazingly bright wings 31,570   No
On the flat sand barge
Item Price Done
muscular yeehar with sand-colored scales 27,060   No
speckled yeehar with ochre scales 27,060   No
dull yellow yeehar 27,060   No
On the deep mahogany table
Item Price Done
green pivuh with sapphire eyes 18,040   No
pivuh with blue-green scales 18,040   
emerald scaled pivuh with bright orange wings 18,040   No
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
white hiro bear with dark eyes 36,080   No
pale golden hiro bear 36,080   No
shaggy hiro bear with snow-white fur 36,080   No
On the hanging wire strung across the room
Item Price Done
shadowy tenebraeling with shiny eyes 45,100   !!
dark tenebraeling with a grey chest 45,100   No
black tenebraeling with leathery wings 45,100   No
In the khor'vela chest
Item Price Done
pristine white wolf with blue eyes 9,020   No
sleek wolf with pure black fur 9,020   No
scruffy wolf with grey fur 9,020   No

[Magical Minions, Tiny Toys]
Fantastical drawings of curling towers and flower filled forests cover the walls. Depicted frolicking between the trees or flying through the clouds around the castles are all sorts of fuzzy, winged and scaled creatures. Dangling at different lengths from the ceiling are colorful baskets.
Obvious exits: south.

In the shiny purple basket
Item Price Done
apple-green frog spotted with gems 36,080   No
red and black octopus patterned with stars 63140   No
delicate dik-dik coated in grey-brown 72,160   No
undersized baby hippopotamus 90,200   No
white-bellied hedgehog sprouting soft spines 45,100   No
black and white panda cub 36,080   No
In the fuzzy red basket
Item Price Done
lithe grey ferret with onyx eyes 36,080   
silvery-white fox featuring oversized ears 54,120   
miniature wolf cub displaying soft sapphire eyes 72,160   No
black squirrel streaked with white 54,120   No
tiny brown cow with a flowered collar 54,120   No
long-eared bunny shaded in reds and oranges 54,120   No
In the bright yellow basket
Item Price Done
slender white puppy with one bent ear 36,080   No
delicate black and white puppy 36,080   No
tiny blue-grey puppy with stubby wings 54,120   No
fuzzy puppy with amber fur 45,100   No
graceful brown puppy sprouting elegant feathered wings 54,120   No
violet-furred puppy displaying colorful wings 90,200   No
In the soft blue basket
Item Price Done
tiny white kitten with big blue eyes 45,100   No
delicate black kitten sprouting feathered wings 54,120   No
small fuzzy kitten with a tabby coat 36,080   No
miniature snow-white kitten adorned with soft wings 54,120   No
long-haired kitten hued deep orange 45,100   
small silver kitten displaying folded down ears 36,080   No