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Magan Slethran
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Slethran Family



You see Magess Magan Slethran, a Human.
She has blue eyes. Her black hair is long and straight, and is worn loose, tucked behind her ears.
She has pale skin.
She appears to be an adult.

She is wearing a choker of twining onyx and ruby beads clasped by a spider brooch, a twilight-hued spidersilk cloak, a dark leather bodice cinched with silver cord dangling at the ends with dark crystal beads, an ivory spidersilk shirt with long billowing sleeves, some black leather leggings adorned with a string of dark crystal beads and some snug black suede boots with silver inlaid high-heels.


You see Magess Magan Slethran, a Human.
She has blue eyes. Her black hair is long and straight, and is worn coiled atop her head in a regal braided coronet.
She has pale skin.
She appears to be an adult.

She is holding a steel-bladed silk fan with a swaying silver leaf charm in her left hand.
She is wearing a thin silver circlet set with a faceted ice-blue diamond, a pair of diamond earrings dangling in long strands, a glittering silver chain dangling a diamond band, an elegant ball gown of pale blue velvet trimmed with icy white lace, a pair of pure white long silk gloves, an intricate gold ring etched with elemental symbols around a huge clear diamond and a pair of blue velvet slippers decorated with a pair of frosty snowflakes.


Magan Slethran currently is not married and has one child.

(Full family roster can be found at Slethran Family.)

Recent History

Within the last year (399 - Present) Magan has attained a number of employees that work for the Slethran Fmaily. Most of those working for her begin as messengers and delivery persons, performing these odd jobs when requested to for payment. Those who have shown dedication and skill are often promoted to begin doing more complex jobs for the family.

Magan spends much of her time in Crossing, at Gaethrend's Court, where she conducts business through-out the day with a variety of people. Among these are a select few whom she deals with daily, calling them her "Business Partners". What her true business might be is unknown with much of it appearing to be of the mundane. Those who have frequented the Court have sometimes spied the hints of something much more than the ordinary.


  • Sardolf's second child and only daughter. (Third child of Aistria's.)
  • Had a child in 397 whom she named Sardolf the Second, after her father. She refuses to speak of who impregnated her.
  • Like her two brothers and cousin she moved away from the Velakan Desert, mostly in suite of her brother Rendric.
  • Runs a business of information brokering based out of Gaethrend's Court in Zoluren.
  • At one time would fall ill when attempting to cast complex spells, it appears she has managed to control this now.
  • Was Apprentice Mage to Ehon 397 - 400.
  • Large supporter of the Inquisition.

Out of Character

Are you a new player to DragonRealms looking to learn the game, have something to Role Play, and make some in-game currency doing it? Seek out Magan for work, I am always looking to hire new players to provide knowledge, fun, and money to!

Are you an older player? This applies to you as well! (Note: The payment to older players may be considered little by their standards. Payment is incentive for new players to become involved in some RP and help them get started in DragonRealms.)