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Lyrandia blossoms are sweet-smelling, beautiful yellow flowers found in profusion on the islands. Although occasionally found else where, they require much effort by the gardener. Much like honeysuckle, lyrandia blossoms are cultivated for their beauty, fragrance and hardiness once established. The mark of a successful and patient homeowner is a thick covering of lyrandia blossoms over the courtyard gate. Because lyrandia requires special care to bloom all year, the blossom has often been seen as the symbol of the long-term planner and estate owner.

The vine prefers the gentler clime of the cities. The gift of a lyrandia blossom could be interpreted as well-wishing for one's financial future. Worn stitched into a coin purse or moneybelt the blossom boldly declares one as a shrewd businessperson. The lyrandia blossom is sometimes worn imprinted into clothing to show one is a person of leisure.

Similarly, the gift of a wilted lyrandia blossom is a sign of ridicule. A wilted lyrandia blossom stands for failure, impatience, lack of planning, or financial ruin. When gifted to an ex-spouse or fiancee, the wilted blossom clearly states, "You did not spend enough time cultivating me."


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