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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Location: Lasa Morit Livery (Ranik Map 42a)


A slender woman with a ready smile and gentle demeanor, Equestrienne Lurellan is as well groomed in her steel grey riding habit as any of her precious mounts. As a pair of yearlings rush the fence to demand her attention, she laughs softly and promptly offers them each a tiny bit of carrot to munch on. Patting the nearest one on the neck reassuringly, she reaches between the split rails of the fence to run an expert hand along the filly's leg before murmuring in soothingly soft tones, "Ah yes, you're going to grow into a fine jumper, aren't you my girl?" With a fond pat she sends the two cantering playfully across the paddock.