Lower Kaerna Village

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Lower Kaerna Village
Location: Kaerna Village, Zoluren (RanikMap9)
Class / Type: Middle / Rural
Restrictions: None
Justice: City
Form: Free
Homes (Free): 21 (1)
Last Checked: 18 May 2019

Lower Kaerna Village.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Near The Well - 1 Middle Class, Rural Fieria cozy red fieldstone cottage with a fragrant magnolia tree growing in front
A Grassy Footpath - 2 Middle Class, Rural Praeda cozy fieldstone cottage partially hidden behind tall trellises of obscuring vines
Village Gate - 3 Middle Class, Rural Annilea cozy grey fieldstone cottage with an out-of-control herb garden running rampant in its front yard
Village Green - 4 Middle Class, Rural Elizzabeth rustic oak log cabin
Village Green - 5 Middle Class, Rural Unclaimed sturdy fieldstone cottage
Village Green - 7 Middle Class, Rural Auraea oak log cabin
Blythe Lane - 8 Middle Class, Rural Rantjur cozy oak log cabin
Blythe Lane - 9 Middle Class, Rural Eldev sturdy grey fieldstone cottage with a young witchclaw tree growing in front of it
Blythe Lane - 10 Middle Class, Rural Marmic cedar-trimmed grey fieldstone cottage
Blythe Lane - 10 Middle Class, Rural Serlathis red fieldstone cottage
High Street - 12 Middle Class, Rural Glosswyn red brick cottage
High Street - 13 Middle Class, Rural Fariden cedar-trimmed grey fieldstone cottage with a sweet-smelling acacia tree in the front yard
Lady Alice Drive - 14 Middle Class, Rural Mol cozy grey fieldstone cottage
Lady Alice Drive - 15 Middle Class, Rural Dakre cozy stacked stone cottage
Lady Alice Drive - 16 Middle Class, Rural Nizara cozy grey fieldstone cottage
Lady Alice Drive - 17 Middle Class, Rural Rekon black fieldstone house
Lady Alice Drive - 18 Middle Class, Rural Pavlina dark grey fieldstone cottage
Lady Alice Drive - 19 Middle Class, Rural Caelaraine neat fieldstone cottage with tiny white rosebuds blooming near a marble fountain
High Street - 20 Middle Class, Rural Sinerkad cozy red fieldstone cottage
High Street - 21 Middle Class, Rural Thadeus cozy blue-shuttered cottage with a freshly harvested vegetable garden out front
High Street - 22 Middle Class, Rural Talinel cozy oak log cabin with a gargoyle-shaped cast iron lantern mounted by its entrance