Liani's Heaven

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Liani's Heaven
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Liani
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Liani's Heaven, Entrance]
The sound of laughter and gossip fills the air, mingling with the scent of pipe smoke and baking tarts. A warm golden glow fills the room, coming from the north and the famous tavern of Liani's Heaven. Pegs line the walls as places to hang cloaks and hats.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out.

[Liani's Heaven, Taproom]
Light shimmers off the honey-colored wood that composes the low-roofed but expansive taproom of Liani's Heaven. A bar curves from one end of the tavern to the other, its surface polished to a high gleam by tankards and plates slung down its surface by the Halflings behind the bar. You also see a secluded booth.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

Drinks Fit for Recovering Bards
Item Price Done
1 - Clear Water - Fresh from the river. 25   !!
2 - Lemonade 25   !!
3 - Lahini Juice 40   !!
Drinks Fit for Sober Bards
Item Price Done
4 - Spiked Punch 35   !!
5 - Snowfire Beer 35   !!
6 - Dark Hand Grog 45   !!
7 - Black Hand Rum 35   !!
8 - Modwyne - A staple of Halflings! 35   !!
9 - Corik's Cloud 35   !!
10 - White Wine 35   !!
11 - Peach Wine 50   !!
12 - Tart Appertif - A favorite of Liani. Flavored with cherry. 35   !!
13 - Taelbert's Raspberry Liquor 90   !!
14 - Apple Brandy - Specially made by stuffy local Elves! 100   
Item Price Done
15 - Mixed Berry 60   !!
16 - Garlic 60   !!
17 - Lemon 60   !!
18 - Coconut 60   !!
19 - Apple 60   
20 - Sugar 60   !!
21 - Blueberry 60   !!
22 - Chocolate 60   !!
23 - Strawberry 60   !!
24 - Roasted Pepper 60   !!
25 - Honey-Apple 60   !!
26 - Mushroom 60   !!
27 - Gooseberry 60   !!
28 - Mulberry 60   !!
29 - Orange 60   !!
30 - Black Currant 60   !!
31 - Starfruit 60   !!
32 - Banana 60   !!
33 - Lamb 60   !!
34 - Pecan-Almond 60   !!

[Liani's Heaven, Quiet Booth]
A dark amber tabletop with heavy nicks and scoring occupies most of the booth. A single lantern hangs overhead, throwing a pool of illumination over the padded benches provided for the comfort of the patrons who want a little peace and quiet to discuss business affairs best left to private places.
Obvious exits: out.

  • note: can also ORDER from the MENU here.

[Liani's Heaven, Taproom]
The golden glow of the polished walls is brightened by the fire of a hearth in the north wall. Slow eddies of curling smoke twist into convoluted shapes as Elven elders and Halfling greybeards alike sit and smoke pipes, discussing the parts of life that yet remain a mystery, with tankards of ale before them to help make things more profound. You also see a bustling area behind the bar and a private table.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

  • note: can also ORDER from the MENU here.

[Liani's Heaven, Private Table]
A holdover from a time when wearing the symbol of the Bard's Guild was a death sentence and secrecy was necessary, this private table has now become a permanent fixture of the tavern as a reminder of those times. Scrolls are laid out on the table, the elegant mark of a skilled calligrapher across their surface. You also see a renown scroll and the Bard Leader Macfrae.
Obvious exits: out.

[Liani's Heaven, Barman's Area]
The service area of the bar is a hive of Halfling activity. Dishwashers, ragmen, sweepers, and servers stream in and out of the bar's pass-through, all under the watchful eyes of the tavern bouncers. You also see a sandy blonde Halfling bartender.
Obvious exits: north, out.

[Liani's Heaven, Small Room]
Several musical instruments are carefully laid out on a low, felt-covered table. An ancient grandmotherly Halfling woman glances up whenever anyone enters, and her gnarled fingers lovingly grasp a carved ivory flute. You also see a sign written in a neat hand.
Obvious exits: south.

A sign reads:
"You get what you pay for, and practice is the most dependable coin."
  • Reflex Training area