Leth Deriel Faire 416

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The Leth Deriel Faire 416 is a free event in the city of Leth Deriel held in 2015.

  • Prime: June 26th - 30th


Rumor has it that merchants have been overheard talking about heading towards Leth Deriel to set up shop!

Location and Map

Leth Deriel

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In the center of the city you will find a colorful gift box decorated with golden bells, inside is the following:

a golden key etched with a heart
golden bell enameled with twining Saemaus' kiss roses
Saemaus' kiss rose

The box is located in the following room:

[Leth Deriel, Sana'ati Dyaus Drui'tas]
In the midst of this clearing is the mighty tree known throughout Elanthia as Sana'ati Dyaus. Its limbs glow with a phosphorescent light and you can trace the very course of its roots by their faint glimmer. Every vein on every leaf is a streak of pale fire, and the diverse crowd here in the main gathering place is subtly illuminated. The tree houses all the town's official services, and people come and go through a large, open burl in the trunk. You also see a colorful canvas tent, a shaggy fur tent, a colorful gift box decorated with golden bells, a festive meeting portal and a uniformed representative.
Obvious paths: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest.

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