Langenfirth Town Hall

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[Town Hall, Main Room]
There is not much government in Langenfirth and that is reflected in the Town Hall. All that is ever handled here is the simple payment of taxes and debts. The hall has a homey feel to it, furnished to resemble someone's home. Several chairs sit near a fireplace, and there is a well worn rug on the floor. A ledger sits on a shelf covered with a thick layer of dust.
You also see an office door.
Obvious exits: out.

[Town Hall, Office]
The room is less office than personal living quarters. A desk and a cot fill part of the room, while ledgers and stacks of trading records fill up most of the empty floor space. Dust coats everything and motes fly about with every draft through the open door. It does not appear that even the Mayor uses this place very often. A clerk reads through various ledgers trying to determine who still owes debts and who has paid.
Obvious exits: out.

  • Therengian debts can be paid here.