Krimand's House of Stuff

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Krimand's House of Stuff
Province Zoluren
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
Owner Krimand
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Krimand's House of Stuff]
Layer upon layer of woven reed mats cushions the floor, doing little to disguise the tilting boards beneath. Stacks of oilskin rain gear occupy a crate in the lowest corner of the store, while packs, panniers and other carriers hang from the center pole. Assorted mirrors hang upon the far wall, swaying slightly with the movement of the water beneath the hut and sending rainbows of reflected light over the shop's flaking paint. You also see an iron-bracketed shelf with some stuff on it, a rough orangewood barrel, and a bamboo table with some stuff on it.

On the iron-bracketed shelf
Item Price Done
twisted black candle 52   
deep blue pyramid-shaped candle 56   
blood-red votive 50   
thick beeswax pillar candle 62   
squat tallow candle 37   
On the bamboo table
Item Price Done
silver-trimmed white pottery lamp with an amethyst chimney 6,250   
red enamel lamp with a spiral-etched glass chimney 650   
brass-riveted horn lantern with a ring handle 562   
black tin lantern with water-filled glass panes 625   
In the orangewood barrel
Item Price Done
bottle of fish oil 56   
In the splintered crate
Item Price Done
faded blue oilskin greatcoat with brighter patches around the collar 2,750   
gum-soled red oilskin boots 875   
broad-brimmed oilskin hat with an orange band 375   
bright blue oilskin cape with a felted black wool lining 1,250   
enveloping red oilskin cloak with a fur-lined hood 2,500   
On the flaking wall
Item Price Done
dainty silver mirror with repousse gryphons along the back 2,781   
arched obsidian mirror with enameled red eyes adorning the frame 1,531   
round bronze mirror adorned with enamel butterflies 906   
round teak-framed mirror with a crouching hound carved at the top 937   
oval oak-frame mirror inlaid with mosaic serpents 1,000   
On the rattan pole
Item Price Done
woven reed pannier with dark leather straps 875   
braided seagrass rucksack on a lashed reed frame 812   
rough linen sack with raffia drawstrings 125   
buckled leather thigh bag 137