Khal Gwaerd

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Khal Gwaerd
Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Hibarnhvidar (Ranik Map 116)
Type: Guard


A Khal Gwaerd is a massive Gor'Tog whose frame is covered in imposing grey steel plate armor. A notched but heavily polished two-handed axe rests along <his/her> back, the giant weapon obviously causing the Gwaerd no more strain to carry than a pillow would. A thick, banded club either rests upon <his/her> hip or is gripped solidly in a massive fist.
An angry scowl on the Khal Gwaerd's face and the occasional caresses <he/she> gives <his/her> weaponry suggests both that <he/she> loves <his/her> job and will not love being bothered by you... unless you are <his/her> job at the moment.