Kessalar's Shops

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Kessalar's Shops
Event Chris' Mass Festival 400
Owner Kessalar
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Shop that sells the parchments used for gwerialas.

[Kessalar's Shops, Main Showroom]
Various objects are piled upon each other in no real sense of order. Several cabinets, dressers, and desks stand in shadowed corners. One must literally step over merchandise and crates to navigate the treacherous terrain, as there is no real path evident. Natural light seems to shun the area. Instead candles stand atop large unstable pillars of books. It is hard to see more than a few feet in any direction without something stacked up towards the smoke stained ceiling obscuring the view. You also see a large sign painted with bold lettering, a tent flap and a framed letter hanging over a desk.

A large sign reads:
Due to the special alignment of Xibar, the magical enchantments placed on the parchment will eventually 
cease to function.  Please be aware that there are no refunds, thank you.
A framed letter hanging over a desk reads:

Winter slumbers and Summer dreams,
Joy in friendships, hatred unseen.
Possession only for a moment fleeting,
Wishes whispered, blue moon completing.
So what will you have, for friend or foe?
Just a murmured request to Xibar show.
Fragile gems spun from lunar streams,
Bear testament to another's dreams.
With some coin and a little chance,
Your deepest desires with destiny dance.

All that is gained from Xibar, will pass with Xibar.
On the desk
Item Price Done
yellow parchment 1,250   
blue parchment 1,250   
green parchment 1,250   
silver parchment 1,250   
gold parchment 1,250   
On the dresser
Item Price Done
puce parchment 1,250   
brown parchment 1,250   
rust parchment 1,250   
grey parchment 1,250   
black parchment 1,250   
In the cabinet
Item Price Done
ruddy parchment 1,250   
violet parchment 1,250   
pink parchment 1,250   
purple parchment 1,250   
scarlet parchment 1,250