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Gweriela's also known as "Wishing Gweriala's" were special parchments used to send a variety of Xibar topazes to players for a very limited time while Xibar's orbit was close to Elanthia.

  • PUT <#> <metal> <kronar/lirum/dokora> IN MY PARCHMENT
You put <#> <metal> <kronar/lirum/dokora> gently into your <color> parchment, smoothing the parchment and sealing it tight.
Failure (your recipient is hiding, invisible, indoors or not logged in): You feel a slight tugging as you whisper into the wishing gweriala, but Xibar's light cannot shine on that person at the moment.
Success: You feel an incredibly strong tugging on your wishing gweriala as you whisper into it, nearly losing your grip as it tries to leap from your hands!

The gweriala is now ready to be placed in a bright blue Xibar moonbeam.

Below is a list of the parchments and what color Xibar topazes the target gets, as well as the wish information they saw after the arrival message.