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Status Retired
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You are Jheran, a Human. You have a square face, clear colored eyes and a small nose. Your golden brown hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn arranged in tight dreadlocks. You have tanned skin and an athletic build. You are short for a Human. You are young. You have some light stubble on your face. You are in good shape.

You are wearing a superb goblin-skin helm, a sturdy goblin-skin mask, a duraka skefne, a lumpy bundle, a sturdy black backpack, some perfect serpent-skin leathers, a frog-skin shield, some sturdy goblin-skin gloves, a polished bronze belt knife with a wire-wrapped hilt, some faded pants, some smoke grey wolfskin boots and an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps.


A moongate suddenly rippled open on the outskirts of Riverhaven, a cold wind blasting forth from its inky-black shape. Snow followed, drifting out with the wind and melting quickly in the spring air of Therengia. On the other side of the moongate, a group of human elders and one lone young man stood huddled in a circle, the snow swirling around their shapes, covered in white-fur hides - all except the young man, who stood shivering in a pair of faded leather pants, a bronze knife clutched in his hands.

An ancient, weathered human eyed the young man, then spoke in a gruff voice, "You have been told of the visions. You know your quest. Do not return to these lands, or your tribe, until the stars tell you it is time. May Kir's spirit guide you, young shaman."

The shivering young man cracked a smile, despite his current state - that was the first time he had been referred to as a shaman by anyone of his tribe, let alone its most respected elder. Lowering his head in respect, Jheran intoned, "I shall not fail the tribe, or you, elders."

The rest of the men circling Jheran began to chant in hushed tones, their voices carried away by the wind before they reached his ear. He suddenly felt the weight of his ancestors' spirits settle around him, and knew he had been blessed by their presence for protection. Nodding deeply in respect one last time, he turned to look through the moongate, at the foreign land he would have to fight for survival in. Already the look of the trees and soil was so different from the arid steppes he had known for his entire twenty years, that a feeling of trepidation stilled him. Yet the spirits' gentle prods, and of course the withering gaze of the elders, forced his legs into motion and his bare feet furrowed the snow as he walked to the moongate.

Refusing to look back, he stepped through the black portal into the warmth of Riverhaven's wilds - the shock of the temperature change reminding him of what he was wearing. His body began to shiver all over again as he looked around, the warmth suffusing him and giving him courage. Eying the town's walls over the trees, he began to head in the direction of the city, his quest begun.

Timeline of Adventures

  • Jheran mysteriously arrived in Riverhaven - during the 3rd month of the year 401 AL - wearing nothing but some faded leather pants and a bronze knife which he clutched reverently, refusing to let it go.
  • Was blessed with some basic supplies by the charity of the town's people, including a beautiful set of serpent-skin leathers.
  • After one cycle of the moons in Riverhaven, he met and spoke with one of the town's medicine women, named Merlie, whom he instantly liked. Her skills and talents reminded him of home, and in a moment of vulnerability, he shared a bit of his story with someone for the first time, revealing to her his given name.
  • Met another medicine woman, named Chelmoraes, who offered to take the skins from his kills and turn them into tanned goods. Awed at the skill with which she performed this task, Jheran requested that she teach him the art of tanning.