Item:Weighty almanac bound in rich purple leather and a golden closed-eye clasp

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weighty almanac bound in rich purple leather and a golden closed-eye clasp
Look: Covered with tiny printed words, thick lambskin pages fill the book with knowledge that spans all manner of magic-related subjects.
Weight: 5 stones
Metal: No
Appraised Cost: 1,250,000 Kronars1,000,000 Lirums <br />902,000 Dokoras <br />1,250 LTBpoints <br />1,250 Tickets <br />1,250 Scrips <br />
Properties: This is an item.
  • This item trains a skill with its use.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Su Helmas: Seeds of Entropy/End loot, Su Helmas 444: Make Haste!/End loot, Su Helmas 440: Entrapped/End loot, Su Helmas 438: The Forbidden Temple/End loot, Su Helmas 434: The Forbidden Temple/End loot
  • STUDY: You believe you would learn something significant about a random magic skill if you were to OPEN the weighty almanac and STUDY its contents.
  • Will FILL a single randomly selected skill pool by 50%.
  • Untrainable Magic is blocked for Barbarians and Thieves
  • All magic skills except Arcana is blocked for commoners
  • There is a 10 minute timer on this particular version of the almanac, and the timer is shared on both the player and the almanac. This means that you can't study 50 different almanacs all at once, 50 people can't share one almanac at the same time. The almanac does not bond though, so "tradeable but not sharable."


  • STUDY when off cooldown: You set about studying your weighty almanac intently. You believe you've learned something significant about <skill>!
  • STUDY when on cooldown: You've gleaned all the insight you can from the weighty almanac, for now.
  • STUDY when on cooldown by Someone Else: The pages of the weighty almanac seem worn, so you decide not to risk damaging them.

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