Item:Thornweave jumper with tonal chiffon paneling and balloon sleeves

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<color> thornweave jumper with tonal chiffon paneling and balloon sleeves
Look: The garment's deep surplice bodice is formed from artfully angled thornweave panels, the distinctly matte-finished fabric providing the barest amount of coverage below the collarbones. Matching chiffon forms billowing sleeves and drapes the shoulders, the airy silk so fine as to be almost weightless as it skims the wearer's back to the low, gathered waistline. The draping silhouette transitions into short, relaxed pants with nearly invisible slit pockets and cuffed hems that end just above the knee.
Weight: 10 stones
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Special Properties:
  • This item is a container or has pockets.
  • This item is worn in the shirt (with armor) slot.
Capacity: 3 length x 2 width x 2 height (10 stones)
Sources: Source is Damsel In This Dress (5), Damsel In This Dress (3)
  • STUDY: You believe that while worn, you can RUB the jumper to change its color, and PULL jumper would cause it to do the following at random:
  • PULL:

Recalling similar items, you believe the following random colors are possible via RUB: midnight black, sparkling white, sapphire blue, apple green, sunny yellow, deep brown, soft tan, misty grey, pale lilac, fiery scarlet, ruby red, teal blue, jade green, burnt orange, deep purple, rose-colored, royal blue, sky blue, forest green, leaf green, pale lavender, dark red, bone-colored, deep turquoise, sparkly silver, bright golden, storm grey, sand-hued, sand yellow, dark olive, bright coral, slate blue, periwinkle blue, bright magenta, blue violet, dull khaki, pastel peach, beige.