Item:Sturdy dark thornweave longcoat fastened with three diamond-hide straps

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sturdy dark thornweave longcoat fastened with three diamond-hide straps
Look: Tailored from a dense and resilient fabric with a distinctly matte finish, the coat is designed to fall to mid-calf to protect its wearer from the elements. Secured in front by sparkled tone leather straps with green gold buckles, the garment has a deep green jaspe lining, its opaque streaks providing contrast and depth to the coloration. Tiny glitvire grommets embellish the durable diamond-hide straps and waistline, their colorful flecks complementing the streaked jaspe lining and green-tinged buckles.
Weight: 90 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 460,0000 Kronars"0Kronars" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Dimensions: 3 length x 3 width x 3 height
Sources: Unknown
Source is Gear Shop (3)


TAP : You do a rather simple set of dance steps, moving one foot after another while tapping a rhythm on your thornweave longcoat.
PUSH : You take a confident step forward and then execute a single full turn, letting the long thornweave edges of your longcoat wrap around you one way and then the other.
PULL : You pull up one edge of your longcoat in front of you as you move in a two-step pattern, enveloping yourself in the voluminous thornweave folds.
TURN : You take a quick quarter turn followed by a flourishing bow, your longcoat billowing out behind you in a display of thornweave material.
WAVE : You grasp both corners of the longcoat and spread the fabric behind you, waving them lightly like a pair of billowing thornweave wings.
THROW : You pull the folds of the longcoat tightly around yourself then throw them backwards to make the thornweave cloth trail behind you in the air. Confidently, you stride forward a few steps, walking in time to a silent beat.
HUG : You grasp the edges of your longcoat tightly and wrap them around yourself, enveloping your body in a cocoon of thornweave fabric.
POKE : You lift one arm above your head, grasping the edge of your longcoat in the other hand. Tumbling forward gracefully, you place your hand on the ground, executing a perfect one-handed cartwheel. Bringing the thornweave edge of your longcoat upward, you end with a flourishing bow.
STUDY : You study the longcoat intently for a long minute. After your inspection, you think that you can TAP, PUSH, PULL, TURN, WAVE, THROW, HUG, and POKE the longcoat to perform dances with it.
Roundtime: 6 sec.