Item:Small fey-bone fetish bundled with glossy black feathers

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small fey-bone fetish bundled with glossy black feathers
Look: The jagged ends of the bone shard are blunted and worn smooth, depriving the fetish from possessing sharp edges. Allowing it to be easily worn, a silver wire tightly coils around the fetish and ends in a misshapen hook.
Weight: 2 stones
Metal: No
Appraised Cost: 3,437,500 Kronars2,750,000 Lirums <br />2,480,500 Dokoras <br />3,437.5 LTBpoints <br />3,437.5 Tickets <br />3,437.5 Scrips <br />
Properties: This is an item.
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
  • This item is a ritual focus.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Su Helmas 444: Make Haste!/End loot, Su Helmas 440: Entrapped/End loot, Su Helmas 438: The Forbidden Temple/End loot, Su Helmas 434: The Forbidden Temple/End loot, Aesthene's Close 449/End Loot

Universal Focus

STUDY You recognize that the fetish is a ritual focus. It's a tool that assists in harnessing the mana required to cast ritual spells, if it is invoked while the spell is being prepared.

In particular, this directly assists in harnessing mana. When activated, the fetish will accumulate energy from mana streams that pass through it, stored within a core of specially enchanted cambrinth. The enchantment is designed for fluid discharge rather than lifespan, so the magician must skillfully direct the spell energy within moments of reaching the desired charge.

The mana manipulation done through ritual foci are crude and often sharply limited by the design of the enchantment. Most ritual foci are limited to being useful only to a specific book of magic, though foci designed with incredible skill can be more broadly useful. No known ritual focus is fine enough to work at a level above the blunt strokes of empowering a ritual, much to the relief of their users' job security.