Item:Hooded armure tunic with embroidered epaulettes

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hooded armure tunic with embroidered epaulettes
Look: Dyed a deep charcoal grey, the heavy fabric displays a subtle chainmail-like design amid the weave. Tailored to fall to the just above the knee, the tunic's front opening laces to the waistline with braided steelsilk cording, while the lower portion hangs freely and allows for a wide range of movement in battle. Capping the shoulders are ornamental epaulettes, each embroidered with a lockpick crossed over a dagger.
Weight: 30 stones
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Special Properties:
  • This item is worn in the shirt (with armor) slot.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: 12 length x 5 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Hollow Eve Festival 428/Raffles
  • RUB: You brush your hand against your armure tunic.
  • SHAKE: You adjust your armure tunic.
  • PULL: You draw your armure tunic away from your hips.
  • ROLL: You wring your armure tunic between your hands.
  • WAVE: You flap your armure tunic about.
  • HUG: You pull your armure tunic around yourself.
  • THROW: You flip your armure tunic over your shoulders.
  • KISS: You wipe your mouth on the hem of your armure tunic.
  • NUDGE: You rearrange the folds of your armure tunic.
  • PUNCH: You smack a hand sharply against your armure tunic.
  • TURN: You pull your tunic's hood up to conceal your features./You pull down your tunic's hood, revealing your features.