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A gwethdesuan is a artificing template.

It is a 05- Basic template, uses 1 sigils (Induction, Ascension), and is covered by the Advanced Artificing Design technique.

It is 2 by 2 by 2 spans.


Chain Induction Precision Ascension Precision Gweth Charges Fount Grade Fount Capacity Fount Color Notes
Gold chain - storebought 51 51 10 Greater Rare Red Able to activate with < 703 arcana. J stone
Gold chain - storebought 59 51 10 Minor Uncommon Red J stone
Platinum chain - storebought 75 75 12 Major Ultra Rare Grey J stone

Your believe this fount is designed for producing Major enchantments, and likely possesses the capacity to enchant Common materials.
Note: All types of gweth stones should work with this enchantment.[1]

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