Item:Gilded guidebook with "Work Smarter! Not Harder!" stamped across the cover

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gilded guidebook with "Work Smarter! Not Harder!" stamped across the cover
Look: A smiley face surrounded by rainbows is drawn above the word "Smarter", while a frowny face surrounded by storm clouds is drawn beneath the word "Harder" with colorful ink.
Weight: 20 stones
Metal: No
Appraised Cost: 250,000 Kronars200,000 Lirums <br />180,400 Dokoras <br />250 LTBpoints <br />250 Tickets <br />250 Scrips <br />
Properties: This is an item.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Droughtman's Challenge 444/Incidental loot, Droughtman's Challenge 441/Incidental loot, Droughtman's Challenge 437/Incidental loot, Droughtman's Challenge 433/Incidental loot, Droughtman's Challenge 430/Incidental loot

Teaches first aid. The guidebook comes with Tier 1 unlocked and has 4 additional levels to unlock. Each level adds pages to study. You can study the guidebook while it's closed to see the pages unlocked.

The gilded guidebook is designed to be studied. There are 4 potential upgrades. Each Tier unlocks more anatomy information.

Tier 1:  (UNLOCKED!)
Tier 2:  (UNLOCKED!)
Tier 3:  (UNLOCKED!)
Tier 4:  (UNLOCKED!)
Tier 5:  (UNLOCKED!)

You can't tell anything else about a gilded guidebook with "Work Smarter! Not Harder!" stamped across the cover.

You think that you could OPEN, CLOSE, TURN, STUDY, and READ the guidebook.
You also think you could TURN the guidebook to a particular chapter.
The table of contents reads: "Elothean, Halfling, Elven, Gor'Tog, S'Kra Mur, Kaldar, Gnome, Prydaen, Equine, Dwarven, Human, Rakash, Lanky Grey Lach, Silver Leucro, Snow Goblin, Rock Troll, Peccary, River Caiman, Gidii, Ape, Merrows, Selkie, Geni, Trekhalo, Giant, Bobcat, Snowbeast, Arzumos, Caracal, Firecat, Gryphon, Seordmaor, Bull, Mammoth, Hawk, Armadillo, Shark, La'heke, Angiswaerd, Toad, Elsralael, Celpeze, Spider, Silverfish, Crab, Westanuryn, Dolomar, Warklin, Wasp, Dryad, Fendryad, Sprite, Alfar, Frostweaver, Spriggan, Gremlin, Cyclops, Atik'et, S'lai, Adan'f, Kra'hei, Faenrae, Bear, Barghest, Shalswar, Dyrachis, Poloh'izh, Korograth, Larva, Bizar, Pivuh, Vulture, Unyn, Moruryn, Moth, Kartais, Colepexy, Vykathi, Wyvern, Rat, Heggarangi Frog, Croff Pothanit, Scavenger Goblin, Brocket Deer, Wild Boar, Grass Eel, Striped Badger, Blood Dryad, Blood Nyad, Glutinous Lipopod, Trollkin, Kelpie, Cougar, Boggle, Thunder Ram, Boobrie, Malodorous Bucca, Copperhead Viper, Young Ogre, Dusk Ogre, Sun Vulture, Bison, Fire Maiden, Moss Mey, Vela'tohr Bloodvine, Prereni, Blue-belly Crocodile, Kashika Serpent, Wood Troll, Sluagh, Granite Gargoyle, Black Goblin, River Sprite, Rhoat Moda, Swamp Troll, Bawdy Swain, Warcat, Heggarangi Boar, Blacktip Shark, Piranha, Elpalzi, Xala'shar, Nomlas, Penguin, Manatee, Horse Fly, Flutertae, Floratroll, Par'i Heitak, Gelapod, River Otter, Marnet"