Item:Elegant parchment starchart with beautifully flowing inscriptions

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elegant parchment starchart with beautifully flowing inscriptions
Look: The starchart looks new and completely unworn.

Read: You'll need to hold the chart to examine it that closely.

Weight: 5 stones
Metal: No
Appraised Cost: 125,000 Kronars100,000 Lirums <br />90,200 Dokoras <br />125 LTBpoints <br />125 Tickets <br />125 Scrips <br />
Properties: This is an item.
  • This item is styled or has special functions for Moon Mages.
Dimensions: 2 length x 2 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Essential Sects Shop (3), Essential Sects Shop (2), Essential Sects Shop (1)

For use see Divination charts.

You look over the starchart and review what you know of the constellations:

 Weasel                        Shark                       Wolverine      
 Shrike                        Brigantine                  Albatross      
 Nightingale                   Scorpion                    Dolphin        
 Welkin                        Coyote                      Unicorn        

 Panther       A       Spider          Unknown       S     Dove           
 Donkey        U       Cat             Ram           P     Cobra          
 Lion          T       Heart           Giant         R     Archer         
 Vulture       U       Magpie          Toad          I     Mongoose       
 Eye           M       Wolf            Raven         N     Wren          

 Ox                            Triquetra                   Heron          
 Snake                         Jackal                      Raccoon        
 Scales                        Cow                         Adder          
 Centaur                       Hare                        Shrew          
 Owl                           Forge                                      

Marvelling over the detail, you think you might be able to observe a specific constellation on the chart for more information. Roundtime: 5 seconds.