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docile Zynachi spider
Look: At first glance, zynachi spider appears to be nothing more than another species of swamp spider. Sixteen long, crab-like legs arch outward from its thick, circular body, each lithe appendage sporting hooked mandibles. The thorax bears a thick layer of black, chitinous plating, its ridged surface rising like a mountain range with peaks of frosty green. Three elongated fangs twitch and jerk about in a flurry of motion, blindly searching for its next meal.
Weight: 2 stones
Appraised Cost: 375,000 Kronars
300,000 Lirums
270,600 Dokoras
375 LTBpoints
375 Tickets
375 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is magical.
  • This item is worn in the upper arm slot.
  • This item hides unknown objects and/or features.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Sold by GM raffle/auction for 20,000,000 Kronars
Source is Jeolandu Festival 389 Auction


The spider is sort of a pet symbiote. Upon WEARing the spider it will cause a bleeding wound upon the arm. The spider will then attach to your arm and begin drawing blood. The initial draw for me was substantial. It left me at about 40% of my vitality. Once worn, the spider will get comfortable and will continue to draw blood in order to produce a special type of leather armor. This process of creating the armor, I was told, does not work well with pre-existing armor so make sure you remove yours before wearing the spider. Now that it is on the arm you have a variety of things you can do with it. They are as follows.

Verb Effect
WEAR Attaches spider to your arm
RUB Feeds the spider a little of your vitality
PULL Spider will restore some of your vitality
PUSH Spider will feed and create leather armor
TAP Spider created armor will disappear
POKE Put spider to sleep (disables room messaging)
TURN Hides the spider from the casual LOOK
REMOVE Removes the spider from your arm

Armor Appraisal

Activating the spider creates 3 different pieces of armor, they are: a viscous black helm, some viscous black gloves, and some viscous black armor.

Forming Armor

<Person>'s zynachi spider lets loose a soft rattling hiss as its abdomen begins to deflate slightly, leaving her looking slightly refreshed.

As if sensing <Person>'s movements, the zynachi spider's sixteen legs tighten their grasp around <his/her> arm. With a wince of pain, the zynachi spider abdomen begins to pulsate erratically with a hiss of pleasure.

The zynachi spider's legs tighten around <Person>'s arm with bone-crushing force as it chitters with pleasure. Slowly, a thick black ooze flows forth from several vents along its thorax and begins to creep up <his/her> arm.

As the black ooze envelopes <Person> shoulder it begins creeps across <his/her> chest with sentient movements. As its pulsating fingers of black slime envelope <Person>'s body.

<Person> recoils in pain as the black ooze snakes around <his/her> legs and over <his/her> face, enveloping <his/her> body within a coating of black slime. Pulsing rhythmically, the cocoon of slime constricts with every passing moment, stealing the breath from <Person>'s lungs.

Suddenly, the slime around <Person>'s mouth and eyes part with a gentle slurping sound, sending a rush of fresh air into <his/her> lungs with a heavy gasp. Moments later, the black ooze surrounding <Person>'s body coalesces into a fluid suit of living armor.

<Person> is covered in an oily black mass of viscous ooze, its glistening surface writhing with a life of its own. Just beneath the transparent skin covering the slime armor, curious shapes and whips of colors emerge from the within inky depths, only to be quickly engulfed moments later as if there has been nothing there at all. The mass of shadowy black slime armor conceals <Person>'s features and possessions beneath its writhing surface, all but a <item> in <his/her> shuddering claw-like left hand.