Item:Bread bowl

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bread bowl
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 10 stones
Metal: Unknown
Uses: 5
Appraised Cost: 1 Kronars
0.8 Lirums
0.722 Dokoras
1.0e-3 LTBpoints
1.0e-3 Tickets
1.0e-3 Scrips
Properties: This is an item.
  • This item is food.
Dimensions: 2 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Student stew, Savory leucro stew, Savory lamb stew, Item:Hambone stew, Item:Bread bowl of redfish chowder, Item:Bowl of stew (2), Item:Bowl of stew (1), Item:Bowl of meaty stew, Item:Bowl of cougar stew, Item:Bowl of barley gruel, Item:Beef and bird stew, Hambone stew, Creamy corn chowder, Creamy corn and bacon chowder, Bread bowl of turnip stew... further results


  • EAT: You take a bite of the bowl -- Mmmmm. Warm and fresh!