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ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
BowTrue Bard D'OrTeshi's InstrumentsMalik the True BardElepaio's Luthierretrue
Cherrywood fiddle bow wrapped with colorful ribbonsNytingale's Instruments (3)true
Dark mahogany bowS'hhtrkith's Instrumentstrue
Ebony violin bow (1)Nytingale's Instruments (8)Nytingale's Instruments (6)Nytingale's Instruments (5)Nytingale's Instruments (2)true
Ebony violin bow (2)True Bard D'Ortrue
Elegant mahogany bow with a silverwillow-inlaid frogIncomparable Instrumentstrue
Fiddle bowDrones and Drumstrue
Fiddle bow (1)House of Bardic Bluestrue
Highly-polished copperwood bowQuelling the Riot/End loottrue
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