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Inouvu Stromthor
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime


You see Undying Inouvu Stromthor, Malice of Elanthia, an Elf.
Inouvu has pointed ears and silver eyes. His red-streaked silver hair is long and wavy, and is worn arranged in pigtails. He has fair skin.
He is tall for an Elf He is adult for an Elf.
A shadowy orb rippling with silver arcs of light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following him diligently. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a fine mesh balaclava adorned with a sinuous serpent along the neckline, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a fragrant flame rose crown, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a red gold eyebrow ring, a platinum eyebrow ring, some steel-rimmed spectacles, a serpentine cambrinth earcuff carved in the shape of an adder, a cambrinth pendant etched with the figure of an Elven woman, a lacquered black ornamental gorget engraved with an amethyst lotus blossom, an ornate silver necklace set with a blushing ruby carved into the shape of a teardrop, a long black hooded cloak fastened with a dragon-shaped pewter clasp, a shadowy black mage's robe shot through with silver and red threads, a pilgrim's badge, a raven-shaped obsidian pin, a voluminous black surcoat embroidered with writhing dragons, a black velvet badge stamped with, "Death happens!", a sparkling red crystal rose, a velvet rose, a gold-centered pale pink rose, a dark wool clerical frock with a high collar and wide sleeves, a braided spidersilk sheath, a reinforced crossbow with a carved dragonwood stock, a mistwood longbow, a supple black leucro hide pack clasped with a gleaming silver fang, an open-neck black silk shirt laced across the lower back with glossy crimson cord, a kor'athi pilgrimage robe emblazoned across the back with a multi-hued dragon, a gleaming silver shirt, a golden round-winged misplaced lirum butterfly, a polished onyx armband bearing the platinum and gold crest of the Zoluren Dragoons, a crocodile-skin buckler, a pale silver prayer bead chain, some gleaming silver gloves, a glittering crystal ring inset with precious gemstones, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Cleric Guild, a sapphire ring, a gleaming silver ring set with a crude cambrinth lump, a platinum-banded leather belt etched with thirteen symbols, a lumpy bundle, a tattered burlap bag marked "Majikul Supplize", a black herb pouch, a plush ebon shadow hound spellbook case clasped with two wicked silver fangs, some black leather breeches trimmed with silver piping, some gleaming silver greaves, a dark green leather thigh pouch branded with a stylized dragon, a sturdy leather thigh quiver wrapped with a fine platinum chain studded with cambrinth, a dark blue ankle sheath bearing a black stylized dragon, and some black suede boots with tiny scorpion-shaped rubies.