House of the Floating Reed (shop)

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House of the Floating Reed, Shop
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

More information about the House history and structure can be found on the House of the Floating Reed (group) page.

[House of the Floating Reed, Shop]
Walls of split, polished bamboo enclose the low-ceilinged room, a low shelf hung on the western wall. Wares for sale are spread out on a long silverwood table, and a wide rack has been hung with an array of brightly colored skirts. A small sign has been posted on the wall of the shop, and a bamboo door leads back out to the garden.

On the silverwood table:
Item Price Done
silver-white thigh bag embroidered with a myriad of colorful fish 1,804   !!
deep blue thigh bag artfully embroidered with a leaping dolphin 676   !!
light blue broadcloth backpack artfully embroidered with wispy clouds 902   !!
black oilcloth duffel bag with sturdy leather straps 4,059   !!
twilight-hued leather backpack artfully embroidered with a silver pond 13,530   !!
leather duffel bag 2,886   !!
On the low shelf:
Item Price Done
polished acanth anklet intricately carved with a small school of fish 4,961   !!
polished sana'ati wood bracelet elegantly carved with leafy kokona reeds 9,020   !!
small crystal pendant encasing a dark blue interior 5,863   !!
white gold pendant with an etched star sapphire set into a mirrored backing 54,120   !!
fine silver pendant featuring a round pink sapphire locked into a teardrop of spun glass 19,844   !!
polished sana'ati wood ring carved into the shape of a small school of fish 9,020   !!
thin wooden ring intricately adorned with an alternating pattern of jade and onyx 4,510   !!
fine wooden ring engraved with a stylized House of the Floating Reed crest 902   !!
On the wide rack:
Item Price Done
two-toned silver dancing skirt layered with ribbons of opalescent silk 13,530   !!
spidersilk dancing skirt stitched with the House of the Floating Reed crest 19,844   !!
blue satin dancing skirt decorated with a school of colorful fish 6,765   !!
dark jade dancing skirt made of twisted chiffon over black satin 4,510   !!
twilight blue dancing skirt inlaid with a myriad of small silver mirrors 5,863   !!
dark red dancing skirt belted with a pale violet sash 2,706   !!
white linen dancing skirt gathered at the hip with a silver swan-shaped clasp 1,353   !!
crushed velvet dancing skirt interwoven with silver bells 6,765   !!