House Vanuerin

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One of the Great Houses of Therengia.

Though controlling perhaps the smallest territory of any Morzindu, House Vanuerin has proven mildly prosperous. It has remained relatively untouched by major battles, due to its close proximity to Therenborough. To the north are the border territories, and to the east is Therenborough and Ker'Leor, keeping Vanuerin protected. The peacefulness held here has aided in keeping their ancestral wealth intact. The House's crest is a large Ker'Leor winter emerald in the center of a purple corbane flower, upon a black field. The Vanuerin motto is "Usho cam naronas," Gamgweth for "Unite with brotherhood." Currently led by Lord Caldir Vanuerin, formerly led by Cristic.


  • House Vanuerin is currently led by Lord Cristic Vanuerin.
  • Lord Caldir is Cristic's son and heir to the House.

Vanuerin banner

A black banner was available at Paintings and Tapestries for the Distinguished in Therenborough bearing House Vanuerin's crest before the shop closed for renovations:

a black banner - 140000 L
The black banner is embroidered with the image of a winter emerald from Ker'Leor in the center of a purple corbane flower, the crest of House Vanuerin. Beneath the flower are the words "Usho cam naronas."