Head to Toe

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Head to Toe
Event Feast of Eluned 2, Estate Holder Mini-Fest 442
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Head to Toe, Showroom]
Grey and silver silk panels frame the walls of this shop. Stands are arranged in front of a mahogany counter polished to a high sheen that is bare except for a silver tray in one corner. Racks behind the counter are draped with different fabrics. Clerks talk in muted voices pointing out the mannequins and then step back to wait quietly. You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the ivory mannequin
Item Price Done
slashed red silk shirt with a white linen lining 11,250   
plush royal blue velvet surcoat with ermine trim 22,875   
brushed black velvet doublet with ebonwood buttons 3,750   
black and red silk paned breeches 10,625   
polished black leather shoes with a silver buckle 3,750   
On the ebony mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of black linen pants with white piping on the seams 1,500   
white linen shirt with a row of carved ebony buttons 1,500   
expertly shined black leather boots 3,750   
grey woolen cloak with an ebony clasp at one shoulder 14,000   
grey and black tweed vest 2,000   
On the teak mannequin
Item Price Done
off-white cotton shirt with a band collar 1,250   
sweeping brown wool cloak with a mantle 15,000   
softly brushed tan suede trousers 4,375   
brown leather gloves with a gold buckle on the wrist 6,062   
single-breasted tan damask waistcoat with amber buttons 13,537   
On the cane stand
Item Price Done
gnarled mistwood cane with a handle shaped like a clenched fist 10,625   
bloodwood cane topped with a ruby-eyed dragon's head 32,500   
ironwood cane topped with a small crystal globe 20,000   
driftwood cane with a handle shaped like a leaping dolphin 7,875   
On the mahogany counter
Item Price Done
gold cufflinks inset with carved onyx 22,812   
silver cufflinks inset with faceted rubies 28,125   
platinum cufflinks inset with sapphires and diamonds 106,250   
copper cufflinks set with amber chunks 937   
On the bloodwood rack
Item Price Done
brown silk necktie with a tasteful chevron pattern in contrasting tan 2,250   
perfectly crisp storm-grey silk tie 1,500   
midnight blue silk tie hand painted with a white swan on a still pool 2,250   
ivory silk tie hand painted with cherry tree branches in full bloom 2,250   
perfectly folded pearl grey and cream silk ascot 1,500   
On the mahogany mannequin
Item Price Done
twilight-blue wool cape sporting a high collar trimmed with silver braid 15,000   
celestial blue spidersilk sash gathered with a silver pin 25,000   
slate-blue brocade vest with silver chains 13,750   
pleated blue-black wool trousers 3,000   
icy-blue silk shirt with silver braid on the collar and cuffs 10,375   
On the teak stand
Item Price Done
torn black tie with the loop label sticking out 750   
rough white cotton shirt with hanging threads and seams showing 1,187