Haunted House (2)

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Haunted House (2)
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Haunted House, Front Hall]
Dark red candles burn in small braziers on either side of the arched doorway, the myriad of rugs spread across the floor awash with the eerie light. Several chests line the sides of the small room, watchful eyes painted above them on the completely black walls. Shadows run deep in every corner, relentlessly assaulting the imagination with images of childhood monsters. You also see a narrow door and a thin clerk.
Obvious exits: east, west.

Item Price Done
thin wooden floor made from planks of stained witchclaw 3,000   No
polished grey marble floor set with specks of jade and crimson 300,000   No
nightmare-black rug showing bats against a crescent Katamba 15,000   No
large spidersilk rug embroidered with a dark castle scene 280,000   No
large bearskin rug with the head set in a snarling pose 60,000   
black wooden chest carved with a nest of crawling spiders 60,000   No
round wicker basket painted like a green candied apple 8,000   No
sturdy metal chest with dripping rust-colored stains down the sides 40,000   No

[The Haunted House, Bedroom]
Rather well lit with a single bright candle set in a grubby lantern, the room is laid out with several pieces of furniture, which are arranged neatly. Though antique at best, the pieces lining the room are masterfully carved. Each has a somewhat sinister air about it, the arrangement of chairs and headboards throwing sharp shadows on the walls in macabre patterns. Treacherous holes in the floor are precariously patched over with thin boards, offering little safety. You also see a gaunt clerk.
Obvious exits: west, east, up.

Item Price Done
four-post bed crafted from gnarled and twisted witchclaw wood 300,000   No
large canopy bed draped with spidersilk lace curtains 250,000   No
small ebonwood bed with a headboard that resembles a hungry mouth 230,000   No
silverwillow wicker chair stained a deep mahogany shade 40,000   No
large black marble chair carved to resemble a throne of skulls 300,000   No
small silverwood chair with a wicker back and side 8,000   No
ironwood weapon rack carved with cats in bas-relief 100,000   No
dark steel weapon rack decorated with sharp metal spikes 60,000   

[The Haunted House, Kennel]
Several cages are dimly visible in the poorly lit room, their doors tightly bolted. Shining eyes blink out from the darkness, some natural and some seeming otherworldly, glowing red and standing out in the darkness. A low brazier burns in the corner of the room, doing little to chase away the oppressive shadows. You also see a small battered sign and a frightened pet merchant.
Obvious exits: east.

A small battered sign reads:

   Some customers have complained that
   the fine pottery is in fact haunted.
   We do not take responsibility for any
   accidental house hauntings and will
   not be offering refunds.

   Purchase the pottery at your own risk!
   All our cats are guaranteed ghost-free.
Item Price Done
translucent grey urn 140,000   
wavery green urn 150,000   !!
elegant red vase 100,000   !!
elegant green vase 100,000   
Hibarnhvidar mountain hound 160,000   
dark brown pointed-eared doberman 100,000   
square-headed tailless boxer 80,000   
long-haired dark grey cat 80,000   
long-haired pure white cat 100,000   
short-haired Katamba-black cat 80,000   

[The Haunted House, Attic]
The cramped room resembles a large crawlspace underneath a peaked roof, with the sharply slanted ceiling intersecting the floor on the eastern side. A single candle is set on the sill of a frosted window, throwing the room into a myriad of light and shadow. Cobwebs clutter every corner of the small room and drape over dreary pieces of furniture. You also see a nervous clerk.
Obvious exits: down.

Item Price Done
simple double-paned window with a black square frame 18,000   No
witchclaw-frame window crafted from thin and untreated branches 250,000   No
stained glass window depicting a rearing white unicorn 130,000   No
tall arched window with a rough stonework frame 70,000   No
narrow elm door that resembles the entrance of a prison 40,000   No
stained ash door marred at the bottom by small claw marks 110,000   No
gnarled witchclaw door made from woven raw branches 180,000   No
dark ebonwood door etched with a dying flame pattern 140,000   No

[The Haunted House, Study]
Standing in a battle-ready position with both hands gripped on their swords, a row of empty plate armor lines the northern wall, which is hung with moth-eaten purple drapes. On the southern side of the room, a skeletal horse with a fleshless knight mounted on its back is poised toward the armor, making the only path to the wares pass directly in the line of fire of both sides. Thin floorboards have been painted a dull grey, doing little to hide the extensive wear and tear. You also see a solid ironwood table with some stuff on it, a plain wooden shelf with some stuff on it and a dark steel stand with some stuff on it.br /> Obvious exits: west.

On the ironwood table
Item Price Done
black soot 451   
bright pink siding 12,628   No
miniature acacia tree 13,530   No
glittering glass orbs 10,824   No
yard plants 9,020   No
origami paper butterflies 1,804   No
small glass lens 12,628   No
painted door frame 12,628   No
worm-eaten leaves 360   No
strands of threaded popcorn 451   No
On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
bird's nest 902   No
draping golden tinsel 2,255   No
white painted doorframe 12,628   No
rough-cut crystals 13,530   No
origami paper leaves 451   No
rough rosewood steps 12,628   
scattered oak leaves 451   No
large flamethorn tree 16,236   No
white painted siding 12,628   No
black shingle roof 12,628   No
On the steel stand
Item Price Done
scattered pumpkin remains 721   No
cheerfully carved pumpkin 3,608   No
dying witchclaw tree 10,824   No
pile of maple leaves 541   No
warped wooden steps 8,118   No
large paper ghost 541   No
thin cobwebs 451   No
elegant marble archway 22,550   No
large silvery spiderweb 902   No
withered branches 451   !!