Hark's Grub (1)

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Hark's Grub #2
Event Rathan Carnival
Owner Hark
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Hark's Grub #2]
The roof in here is a series of half-rotted planks and assorted roughage, while the walls, judging from their differently discolored boards and plaster, were lifted from earlier structures. The raw sewage on the floor appears to serve a decorative function. Only a single, guttering taper provides any consistent light. There is just enough of it to make out the short, oddly green-colored men, who assist with food sales as they scratch, belch and spit.
You also see a rickety sign, a cracked glass countertop with some stuff on it, a crooked oaken table with some stuff on it, a tarnished silver tray with some stuff on it and a cracked door.
Obvious paths: none.

A rickety sign reads:

NAH-harr, nara-haha, nurnehur ra-ha, na-HA! Raha, LOOK, ur...ha-ha, narr, arrr, wa-har. No credit, bahar-ha! 
On the glass countertop
Item Price Done
white carrot 200   DG
ghoul loaf 500   !!
blood wolf sausage 400   !!
glazed bear fur casserole 500   !!
fried fire sprite haggis 600   !!
some fresh grub stew 400   !!
On the oaken table
Item Price Done
irregular chunk of black ice 20   !!
thick gobbet of fresh fat 25   !!
green cockroach paste pate 45   !!
dried rat tongue canape 40   !!
pickled horse hoof 40   !!
moldy discolored prunes 15   !!
sugared troll tooth 15   !!
chocolate-covered vulture skull 50   !!
salted silverfish mix 20   !!
On the silver tray
Item Price Done
bottle of Gnomish tonic water 30   !!
mug of lipopod scum 20   !!
goblet of yak's blood wine 50   !!
shot of stinkfish whiskey 40   !!