Harawep's Bonds (2.0)

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Harawep's Bonds
Abbreviation: HB
Prerequisites: Swarm
Minimum Prep: 6
Casting Cap: 51
Valid Spell Target: others
Description: The spell called Harawep's Bonds summons thousands of poisonous spiders which swarm over the hapless victim, trapping it in a sticky web. It is possible the target may topple over as his legs are wrapped in webbing. It is also difficult to fully remove the webbing from this spell.
Example Messaging: A thousand tiny spiders crawl out of their hiding places and begin crawling over a rock troll, trapping it in a cocoon of sticky webbing.

A rock troll struggles helplessly in some webs. The spiders lose their interest in a rock troll, who manages to break free.


  • duration can be up to 40 sec (per post by Z in the ranger complaints folder)
  • Minimum mana varies from 6 to 9, depending on room wildness
  • Spell v. Agility
  • Webs Target
  • Pulse will unbalance (if target is webbed) or reweb (if target broke web somehow)
  • Target can topple over if unbalanced.

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