Gultne ava

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The gultne ava (Rakash for "channeled halberd") is designed with an eye to puncture over slice, and is one of the more common ceremonial weapons used by followers of Coshivi due to its tendency to rend the flesh in such a way as to produce a great deal of blood from the wounds it creates. A gultne ava has channels that run down the haft and extend along the crescent blade. All three of its blades have serrated edges, with the serrations often crafted to resemble myriad small claws.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Gultne avaKifa Awrocis (2), Kifa Awrocis (Siksraja), Kifa Awrocis (obsolete)Kifa Awrocis (2)Kifa Awrocis (1)true