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Guaranzo Arkarm
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime



Empaths and clerics alike gathered to try to save him, but alas, the only way to preserve this spectacular specimen of a man was to preform a lobotomy. While his body remained intact, his mind failed, never to be the same again. The shell of a man that was once greatness incarnate, still wanders the lands.

We dedicate the following as a tribute to what once was, and shall never be again, embodied greatness.

Guaranzo Arkarm... the legend that was

Dread Guaranzo Arkarm, Headsman of Botolf, a Human. Guaranzo has a square-jawed face, stormy grey eyes and a classical nose. His black hair is short and peppered, and is worn untamed. He has tanned skin and a brawny build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime.
He has an elegantly trimmed mustache on his upper lip and a long, thick full beard.

He is wearing a kertig khuj, some lumium ring gloves, a polished chain helm topped with curved horns, a spiked Dread's shield branded with the Arkarm family crest, some coarse reinforced leathers, a tight bundle, a dingy hemp pouch drawn with a multitude of barbed iron spikes, a tanned korograth hide raekhlo with a hurling axe hanging from it, a gargantuan korograth-hide war cloak, an azure-scaled poloh'izh hide cloak, a spiral warhorn carved to resemble a giant korograth horn and banded in pitted iron, a gold wyvern medal, a sleek chakrel panther amulet hung from a braided platinum chain, a burnished ruby amulet surrounded by a ring of polished bronze, a polished onyx pendant surrounded by seven sparkling diamond stars.

A Gentleman’s Profile

It is hard to be a gentleman in a scoundrel's world, but Guaranzo Arkarm has found a way. With a steely gaze and easy smile, he oozes charm, assuming ooze is a good thing, like pudding, but less messy. His confident stride and magnetic personality draw the attention of all he graces with his exceptional presence.

As a member of the Arkarm Crime Family, Guaranzo values loyalty above all else. His family is his life, and he will take yours in defense of them without hesitation. The specialness that you feel just by being around him, is merely a side effect to the awesomeness that is him.

He is a man of few words, but when he chooses to speak them, you had better listen. Advice from this paragon of virtue is not simply advice, but words to live by. Take notes, review them often, you will never go wrong this way.

Some misguided souls will accuse him of wrong-doing, however, this is impossible. Anything that is done by this magnanimous giant of a man is done correctly, for him, to err is simply impossible. The laws of man and gods alike are merely suggestions when you are a perfect specimen, and Guaranzo embodies perfection.

Fair thee well, common man, you now know everything, and nothing, about the enigma that is Guaranzo Arkarm.

Portrait of Perfection - a Memorial

Guaranzo Arkarm, the seduction of a groupie. (featuring a cameo by Zynara)


Artwork Credit

Orginal Artwork by Crayzeke Arkarm, prodigy.


The preceding message is brought to you by the player of Synamon, all of the above information is correct and could be carved into stone and put on display. Guaranzo is capable of doing that by sheer will, forcing the stone to carve itself, but, that would just be showing off.

Disclaimer... disclaimed!

Some people get way to attached to things like text and even though the world changes and lobotomies happen, they are unable to let go of the things that were and they just edit them instead. Some people are generally pains in the butt and refuse to remove things that entertain them from a wiki for a text based game. ( FINE! ONE PERSON IS LIKE THIS -- YOU CAN COPE! )