Grusana kaft

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The blade and handle of this Rakash combat knife are forged from a single piece of metal, without any joining whatsoever. Additionally, all grusana kaft (Rakash for "putting knife") have an outwardly curving, almost ovular, grip that transitions into a straight, sharply pointed blade best suited for thrusting.

The name ‘grusana kaft’ is an idiom that in Rakash roughly means ‘knife that will not fail you when repeatedly shoved very hard into something’ -- presumably in juxtaposition to knives comprised of blades attached to a separately created handle that might come loose or break at the joining with heavy use. This use of grusana -- a form of the verb grusanat which means ‘to put’ in Rakash -- as a substitute for the concept of vicious stabbing is considered extremely tongue-in-cheek.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Grusana kaftKifa Awrocis, Kifa Awrocis (obsolete)Kifa Awrocis (2)Kifa Awrocis (1)true
Grusana kaft depicting the phases of KatambaRakash Moot 437
Grusana kaft forged in viridian tursaComfortable Rakash (3)Comfortable Rakash (2)true
Grusana kaft formed from a solid piece of blackened steelKifa Awrocis (Siksraja)
Weapon:Grusana kafttrue