Grooming Gazebo (1)

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Grooming Gazebo
Event Rathan Carnival, Monger's Bazaar Festival
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Grooming Gazebo]
Sparkling crystal bubbles hang at various heights from the ceiling of this open, airy hexagonal gazebo. A gurgling crystal fountain rests on the rail just across from the entrance, sending water over clear stones and distorting all light that passes through it. To one side of the fountain is a wicker basket, woven with flowers in between the strands. On the other side is a polished brass chest. On the floor just beneath the fountain is a washtub, brimming with rolled towels of every hue. You also see a wooden sign and a latticework arch.
Obvious exits: none.

A wooden sign reads:
"Each kit and case holds everything one needs for keeping oneself well groomed. 
The gentlemen's kit holds a comb, razor, clippers and soap. 
The ladies' case holds a brush, mirror, soap, and a hairpin of some sort. 
Each kit and case has matching items inside to the imagery on the case. Enjoy!" 
In the flowery basket
Item Price Done
smooth linen vanity case embroidered with a multi-hued dragon - Contains a polished brush with a carved back to look like dragon scales, a polished mirror with a carved back to look like dragon scales, a slender hairpin set with a fake dragon scale and some orange flame-shaped soap 29,943   !!
deep blue velvet vanity case embroidered with a galaxy of stars - Contains a slender hairpin set with a polished silver star, a blue moon-shaped soap, a silvery star-shaped mirror, and a smooth brush inlaid with tiny silver stars 29,345   !!
colorful cotton vanity case embroidered with various shapes 9,342   !!
soft felt vanity case dyed with a myriad of autumn hues 12,943   !!
rose velvet-covered vanity case with a gilded wren-shaped clasp - Contains a gilded brush embossed with a wren, a gilded mirror, some rose shaped soap, and a slender hairpin set with a tiny gold wren 19,456   !!
In the brass chest
Item Price Done
well-crafted suede grooming kit embellished with fine steelsilk strands - Contains a fine silver comb inlaid with veins of animite, a steel-bladed silver razor inlaid with fine veins of animite, some silver-handled clippers inlaid with fine veins of animite, and a rounded bar of soap. 39,453   !!
frayed burlap grooming kit - Contains a misshaped bar of soap, some rusty clippers, a rusty razor, and a broken comb missing several teeth. 837   !!
sailcloth grooming kit embroidered with a ship at sea - Contains a anchor-shaped soap, some driftwood handled steel clippers, a driftwood handled steel razor, and a simple comb inlaid with shell chips. 4,325   !!
rough leather grooming kit - Contains a sword-shaped soap, some blackened steel clippers, a blackened steel razor, and a blackened steel comb. 1,547   !!
In the washtub
Item Price Done
fluffy white towel 934   !!
thick blue towel 1,432   !!
tattered mud-colored towel 424   !!
soft floral print towel 1,432   !!
multi-colored polkadotted towel 1,432   
pink and red striped towel 1,432   !!
scallop-edged salmon-colored towel 1,432   !!
embroidered leaf-patterned towel 1,513   !!