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A traveling Prydaen family. Owners of the shop Graimairo Wares which is run out of a cedar wagon marked with three narrow rays. The wagon also serves as their home, one room used for a shop while the rest serves as quarters.

Hosts of the Prydaen Culture Faire.

About the Family

The Graimairo line is something like a gyspy family. They travel in a wagon, never stay long in one place, and are very elusive. They are highly religious and worship Eu specifically. The males of the family are taught the family Lore (defined below.) Women in the family are never taught the Lore. It is possible for them to learn, but it is just not done. When there are no males of the current line to foster with them, in the past, the family has stolen a kit in order to keep the secret ability from dying out.

The family Lore

Named "the Lore" by Esado. The Lore is a spoken language that takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. The Lore allows the the educated Graimairo males to alter the appearances of items. This is absolutely not life-sculpting and the family will stridently explain as much. Additionally, they will never misuse their ability to create rare materials from nothing, though they may possess the ability to do so. Doing so is seen as a gross misconduct and would be grounds for severe punishment or potentially death.