Gosling's Exotic Fish (1)

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Gosling's Exotic Fish (1)
Event Feast of Eluned 1
Owner Gosling
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Gosling's Exotic Fish]
Colorful fish dart amidst the greenery in a large tank along the far wall of the shop. Above the tank, water trickles from tier to tier down a roughly carved blue sandstone waterfall, finally tumbling into the tank. Light reflecting off the surface of the water sends flickering patterns dancing around the room. You also see a sign and a low marble slab with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

A sign reads:
"We offer a variety of exotic fish in sealed aquariums. These are balanced systems, 
which do not need feeding (the fish live off the plant life in the aquarium). Most 
tanks have two types of fish, the octagonal aquarium contains four, while the fishbowl 
has but one."
On the marble slab
Item Price Done
sealed glass aquarium 6,250   No
massive onyx-framed aquarium 6,250   No
small gold-edged fishbowl 3,125   No
large teak-framed aquarium 6,250   No
towering octagonal aquarium 12,500   No