Gnoshy and Sons (1)

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Gnoshy and Sons
Event Rathan Carnival
Owner Gnoshy
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Gnoshy and Sons, Orchard's Bounty Ordering Room]
A long wide counter dominates the small, but functional, lobby of Gnoshy's hastily constructed retail outpost. A small, hand-lettered sign has been tacked to the back wall, next to a more elaborate menu. Through large chinks and gaps in the wall, smells of cinnamon, honey, and chocolate drift pleasingly. You also see some apple-shaped swinging doors.
Obvious exits: east.

||     Gnoshy & Sons       ||
||   Purveyors of Yummy    ||
||    Crunchy Goodness!    ||
Fresh and In-Season!
Item Price Done
1 - Baron's Golden Sweet - A deep-yellow apple with a naturally sweet taste. 50   No
2 - Green Tog-Fist - The largest apples we've seen yet! A mouthful! 35   No
3 - Ilithi Special Red - Smaller than usual this season, but still a hearty crunching apple. 25   No
4 - Olvi Sweet and Tart - Tiny perfection! Great for desserts and baking. 15   No
5 - Dwarven Sour Blacks - Leave it to a Dwarf to be the first to eat a black apple. Surprisingly good, nonetheless. 15   No
6 - Rissan Blush - Fragrant and sweet with a delicate pink tint. 15   No
7 - Elothean Purple Priss - Thin skinned, mushy on the inside, tart aftertaste. Fitting name, no? 5   No
8 - Scaley Blues - A S'kra favorite! Odd skin, but delicious! 5   No
Just ORDER whatever you want!- Gnoshy

[Gnoshy and Sons, Orchard's Bounty Store]
Empty bins, buckets, barrels, and crates lay in organized piles in the corners of the room, out of the way of the patrons and the occasional workers, who scurry to and fro amist the browsing clientele. Two long, low tables are situated near the back wall of this well-lit room. A strong, cidery smell tinged with sweet and sugary undertones pervades the air. You also see a small wide door that leads to the storeroom, a handwritten instruction-covered SIGN, a vat table with some stuff on it and a bowl table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

A small handwritten sign reads
DIP your apple in one of the coatings (the stuff in the vats) and then DIP it in one of the garnishes (the stuff in the bowls). Eat and enjoy!
Apple Dips! Garnishes
  • a vat of marzipan
  • a vat of rum sauce
  • a vat of peanut butter
  • a vat of honey
  • a vat of chocolate
  • a vat of caramel
  • a bowl of cookie bits
  • a bowl of nuts
  • a bowl of raisins
  • a bowl of insect legs
  • a bowl of sugar
  • a bowl of cinnamon
  • a bowl of crunchies