Glutinous lipopod

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glutinous lipopod
Creature Levels:
    Overall 7
    Level Variance -
    Natural Attack 7
    Weapon Attack 7
    Defense 7
    Player Estimated -
Potential overall skill: 28
Skill Cap 32 to 50
Skinnable No
Has Coins No
Has Gems No
Has Boxes No
Has Other Unknown
Uses Weapons Unknown
Alignment No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks No
Special Defenses No
Body Type amorphous
Body Type (Alt) monstrous
Body Size medium
Premium-Only Unknown
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required ? / ?
Teaching Cap ?


The glutinous lipopod is a massive worm which normally spends its time in the waters of large lakes. It ventures onto land only when seeking nourishment. Lipopod have been known to decimate the living organism counts in bodies of water, but fortunately can only survive in brackish or tainted environments.

Having a basic, worm-like form, these milky, nearly-transparent creatures absorb their food through osmosis. They can wrap their bodies around their prey and literally digest them through their epidermis. With no real eyes, nose or mouth, their skin has evolved into one massive sensory unit. Their pea-sized brains are located in the forward-leading part of their bodies.

The various irregularities on their skin, which you might call nodules, ooze a thick, smelly slime which is quite caustic. In the water, this slime protects their bodies in the cold depths, but on land, it does little more than burn the ground like a strong acid.

Despite a lack of vocal cords, the glutinous lipopod manages to emit a primitive, high-pitched squealing sound. It does this by manipulating several small portions of its body into air pockets, which it then squeezes with a kind of shivering motion.

All in all, it's a pretty disgusting and goopy creature.

In Depth

Lipopods do not have normal loot. They can be SEARCHed, however:

You shove your arm inside the still-quivering body of the glutinous lipopod and begin searching...

You dig and dig, but all you end up doing is getting your hands gloopy.

Roundtime: 5 seconds.

Occasionally you can find an item, such as gold nuggets, old boots, or bones, presumably belonging to the lipopds' previously digested victims.

(Updated 09/2016) Changed max cap to 50. It's possibly 55, can not move LT past 1/34 @ 52. Defenses soft cap ~45 TM trains well @ 36 ~45 defenses and take no damage from 2-3