Glassus' Shop

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Glassus' Shop
Province Ilithi
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67d
Owner Glassus
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cleric shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Temple of Darkness, Glassus' Shop]
The walls and floor of this sparsely furnished but clean room are of gold-veined white marble. A series of immaculate countertops displays a variety of god-related artwork. The proprietor of the shop, a smiling grey-cloaked monk by the name of Glassus, can often be found at his desk casually plucking the feathers from a dead and bloody pigeon. You also see a simple sign, a small cage, a curtained doorway, the monk Glassus.

Paintings on countertop
Item Price Done
bronze Ushnish etching 50,000   No
amber Aldauth carving 38,500   No
copper Huldah casting 30,000   No
silver Drogor etching 80,500   No
pyrite Zachriedek carving 9,500   No
iron Trothfang etching 7,000   No
pitted iron Boltof etching 8,500   No
brass Asketi etching 25,000   No
painted Be'ort slate 2,500   No
cinnabar Kerenhappuch carving 65,000   No
gold Idon casting 100,000   No
alabaster Harawep carving 40,000   No
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