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These subs add translations to items that are named in fictitious racial languages, such as Rakash or S'Kra. The subs are only designed to give you a general idea of what the item is in one or two words. (Sometimes this departs from the literal translation.) Some of these items aren't clearly defined. In that case, I guessed based on the dictionary and/or appraisal.

Due to the large number of subs, I am not including materials or symbols at this time. Nor am I including obscure real-world items.

These subs are assigned to the "racial" class so that they can be turned off when not needed.

Sample Output

You see Funeral Director Sarkranis Murhhthi, Sand Flower of Velaka, a S'Kra Mur Empath.
Sarkranis has a sharp-featured face, slitted gold-flecked jade eyes and an elegant snout, golden scales, a long tail and a lithe figure.
She appears to be young.
Her scaley face is decorated with wispy tendrils of red gold wire dotted with pale green turquoise, creating fiery arabesques that curl around her right eye before ending in a bevy of small spirals on her cheekbone.

She is wearing a billowing Musparan silk robe embroidered with arabesque serpents, a rich sanguine gamantang (overcoat) with a golden arabesque overlay, a sanguine tail drape edged with intertwining serpents, a pair of sturdy leather sandals clasped with polished onyx fangs, a dull serpent earcuff, a fiery glass sunburst captured by a multistrand red gold chain, a heavy gold torque shaped like a ruby-eyed king snake eating its tail, a radiant gold sun pin with fiery rays, a cambrinth armlet commemorating the unbinding of Peri'el, a royal purple armband embroidered with a hand holding a heart inside a crystal circle, a cambrinth handflower accented with gold and copper filigree, a blighted gold bracelet studded with large flame opals, a hammered gold ring set with a round cabochon sunstone, a polished golden hip-chain set with a large blood red aevanstone, a highly polished tailband tinted in shades of red and purple, a desert-hued camlet pack trimmed with lava samite and a tethered Wayerd pyramid with alternating gold and silver panels labeled "Free Empath".



  • The sub for chmir (dress) is now restricted to whole word match only to prevent false matches.


  • The sub for guti (short bow) will no longer appear in the instrument guti'adar.


  • Improved trigger (the previous version caused lag when viewing shop inventory).


  • Added trigger to prevent subs from working when not intended. Now they should only appear in descriptions of shop inventory (in SHOP shops), worn inventory, and on various donation racks.


  • Added "kodavu charovras" (Prydaen weapon).


Race Language Type Item Translation
Dwarf Haakish weapon bulhawf throwing club
Elf Ilithic clothing balac trousers
Elf Ilithic clothing catils cape
Elf Ilithic clothing coinec shirt
Elf Ilithic clothing gerri belt
Elf Ilithic clothing hac robe
Elf Ilithic clothing ilalish bodice
Elf Ilithic clothing takbahn hat
Elf Ilithic item arca backpack
Elf Ilithic item gelnutre wedding cloth
Elf Ilithic item oinurte wedding cloth
Elf Ilithic weapon celya spear
Elf Ilithic weapon guti short bow
Elf Ilithic weapon harci knife skinning knife
Elf Ilithic weapon iltesh sword
Elf Ilithic weapon jiranoci long bow
Elf Ilithic weapon karambit greatsword
Elf Ilithic weapon liscis blade
Elf Ilithic weapon mahai sword
Elf Ilithic weapon palta battleaxe
Elf Ilithic weapon tago throwing knife
Elf Ilithic weapon telo sword
Elothean Gerenshuge weapon nijare blade
Kaldar Gorbesh clothing arek hat
Kaldar Gorbesh clothing arek domisaha skullcap
Kaldar Gorbesh clothing kisti belt
Kaldar Gorbesh clothing lusks coat
Kaldar Gorbesh clothing lusks domisaha cassock
Kaldar Gorbesh clothing ruven skirt
Kaldar Gorbesh clothing sochi cloak
Kaldar Gorbesh jewelry muhenta necklace
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing chmir dress
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing mra'sin shirt
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing pr'chmir wedding dress
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing Pr'mra'sin wedding sash
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing Pr'ysin wedding sash
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing ra'sarrak clerical robe
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing sarrak robe
Prydaen Prydaenese clothing vakoti armband
Prydaen Prydaenese weapon kodavu charovras claw blades
Rakash Rakash armor variog small shield
Rakash Rakash clothing ada krekls skin shirt
Rakash Rakash clothing josta belt
Rakash Rakash clothing krekls shirt
Rakash Rakash clothing laulivas laufisana wedding sack
Rakash Rakash clothing nauda boots
Rakash Rakash clothing odaj robe
Rakash Rakash clothing rantija cloak
Rakash Rakash clothing safos dress
Rakash Rakash clothing vikses trousers
Rakash Rakash clothing vluze blouse
Rakash Rakash color afelsn orange
Rakash Rakash color dzelteno yellow
Rakash Rakash color feleka grey
Rakash Rakash color forfra purple
Rakash Rakash color juans pink
Rakash Rakash color relna black
Rakash Rakash color sarkana red
Rakash Rakash color sudrava silver
Rakash Rakash color valta white
Rakash Rakash color vruna brown
Rakash Rakash color zala green
Rakash Rakash color zelts gold
Rakash Rakash color zila blue
Rakash Rakash item fratvarit drink
Rakash Rakash item rugursora backpack
Rakash Rakash item sega blanket
Rakash Rakash item sildit sega warm blanket
Rakash Rakash jewelry afis badger
Rakash Rakash jewelry turinstil butterfly
Rakash Rakash jewelry varna crow
Rakash Rakash weapon akren dzelt sling
Rakash Rakash weapon ava halberd
Rakash Rakash weapon awgravet ava engraved halberd
Rakash Rakash weapon cirvi axe
Rakash Rakash weapon cuska bola
Rakash Rakash weapon divirala cirvi double-headed axe
Rakash Rakash weapon duraka skefne short spear
Rakash Rakash weapon grusana kaft putting knife
Rakash Rakash weapon gultne ava long pole axe
Rakash Rakash weapon ilglaiks skefne long spear
Rakash Rakash weapon nuja staff
Rakash Rakash weapon ozols nuja oak staff
Rakash Rakash weapon rufjs zobens scimitar
Rakash Rakash weapon sis mace
Rakash Rakash weapon skefne spear
Rakash Rakash weapon stroko sis heavy mace
Rakash Rakash weapon svidaw sis throwing club
Rakash Rakash weapon tawvgali sis light mace
Rakash Rakash weapon uguns nuja quarter staff
Rakash Rakash weapon varda svidaw cirvi throwing axe
Rakash Rakash weapon vargs zovens greatsword
Rakash Rakash weapon vilks kodur two-handed mace
S'Kra Mur S'Kra clothing gamantang overcoat
S'Kra Mur S'Kra clothing pel'hhsmur tail drape
S'Kra Mur S'Kra clothing uaro's'sugi head scarf
S'Kra Mur S'Kra item saran'pon'hhs Peri'el ceremonial flute
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry aggahhpel dream veil
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry ama'hhrsk bracelet love bracelet
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry mehath bracelet memorial bracelet
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry pilonu|rasha'hhsograth hand flower
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry por'nidrel left eye jewelry
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry ru'at bracelet friendship bracelet
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry sharmiit'mhhg bead embroidery
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry sur'nidrel right eye jewelry
S'Kra Mur S'Kra jewelry venda ring
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon a'slo heavy edged weapon
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon ata axe
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon dako uaro club
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon dako'gi crossbow fighter's crossbow
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon grah'uaro throwing club
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon hhr'ata throwing hammer
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon hhr'ibu light crossbow
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon hhr'tami war hammer
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon kudalata heavy edged weapon
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon lanahh pahapo bastard sword
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon lata blade
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon lata'oloh medium edged weapon
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon mahil short bow
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon nehdalata curved broadsword
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon nehlata dagger
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon pi' pejek throwing knife
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon q'zhalata assassin's knife
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon shh'oi'ata greataxe
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon shh'oi'lata greatsword
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon s'hhra ashu dagger
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon s'rnhhl bow composite bow
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon tei'oloh'ata war axe
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon tei'oloh'lata war sword
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon uenlata chakram
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon uku'uan bow
S'Kra Mur S'Kra weapon uku'uanstaho crossbow

Required Genie Settings

#trigger {^(He|She) is (holding|wearing)|^(In|On).+you see|^You also see|^You are (holding|wearing)|^You rummage.+and see|^(On|In|Under).+, you see:} {#class racial on;#event 5 "#class racial off"}


#subs {bulhawf} {bulhawf (throwing club)} {racial}
#subs {\barca\b} {arca (backpack)} {racial}
#subs {\bbalac\b} {balac (trousers)} {racial}
#subs {\bcatils\b} {catils (cape)} {racial}
#subs {\bcelya\b} {celya (spear)} {racial}
#subs {\bcoinec\b} {coinec (shirt)} {racial}
#subs {gelnutre} {gelnutre (wedding cloth)} {racial}
#subs {\bgerri\b} {gerri (belt)} {racial}
#subs {\bguti\b(?!'adar)} {guti (short bow)} {racial}
#subs {\bhac\b} {hac (robe)} {racial}
#subs {harci knife} {harci knife (skinning knife)} {racial}
#subs {ilalish} {ilalish (bodice)} {racial}
#subs {\biltesh\b} {iltesh (sword)} {racial}
#subs {jiranoci} {jiranoci (long bow)} {racial}
#subs {karambit} {karambit (greatsword)} {racial}
#subs {\bliscis\b} {liscis (blade)} {racial}
#subs {\bmahai\b} {mahai (sword)} {racial}
#subs {oinurte} {oinurte (wedding cloth)} {racial}
#subs {\bpalta\b} {palta (battleaxe)} {racial}
#subs {\btago\b} {tago (throwing knife)} {racial}
#subs {takbahn} {takbahn (hat)} {racial}
#subs {\btelo\b} {telo (sword)} {racial}
#subs {\bnijare\b} {nijare (blade)} {racial}
#subs {arek domisaha} {arek domisaha (skullcap)} {racial}
#subs {\barek\b(?! domisaha)} {arek (hat)} {racial}
#subs {\bkisti\b} {kisti (belt)} {racial}
#subs {lusks domisaha} {lusks domisaha (cassock)} {racial}
#subs {lusks(?! domisaha)} {lusks (coat)} {racial}
#subs {muhenta} {muhenta (necklace)} {racial}
#subs {\bruven\b} {ruven (skirt)} {racial}
#subs {\bsochi\b} {sochi (cloak)} {racial}
#subs {\b(?<!')chmir\b} {chmir (dress)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!kodavu )charovras} {charovras (blades)} {racial}
#subs {kodavu charovras} {kodavu charovras (claw blades)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!')mra'?sin} {mra'sin (shirt)} {racial}
#subs {pr'chmir} {pr'chmir (wedding dress)} {racial}
#subs {Pr'mra'sin} {Pr'mra'sin (wedding sash)} {racial}
#subs {Pr'ysin} {Pr'ysin (wedding sash)} {racial}
#subs {\bra'sarrak\b} {ra'sarrak (clerical robe)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!')sarrak} {sarrak (robe)} {racial}
#subs {\bvakoti\b} {vakoti (armband)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!ada )krekls} {krekls (shirt)} {racial}
#subs {ada krekls} {ada krekls (skin shirt)} {racial}
#subs {\bafelsn\b} {afelsn (orange)} {racial}
#subs {\bafis\b} {afis (badger)} {racial}
#subs {akren dzelt} {akren dzelt (sling)} {racial}
#subs {awgravet ava} {awgravet ava (engraved halberd)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!(awgravet|gultne) )\bava\b} {ava (halberd)} {racial}
#subs {\bcuska\b} {cuska (bola)} {racial}
#subs {divirala cirvi} {divirala cirvi (double-headed axe)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!(divirala|varda svidaw) )\bcirvi\b} {cirvi (axe)} {racial}
#subs {duraka skefne} {duraka skefne (short spear)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!(duraka|ilglaiks) )skefne} {skefne (spear)} {racial}
#subs {dzelteno} {dzelteno (yellow)} {racial}
#subs {\bfeleka\b} {feleka (grey)} {racial}
#subs {\bforfra\b} {forfra (purple)} {racial}
#subs {fratvarit} {fratvarit (drink)} {racial}
#subs {grusana kaft} {grusana kaft (putting knife)} {racial}
#subs {gultne ava} {gultne ava (long pole axe)} {racial}
#subs {ilglaiks skefne} {ilglaiks skefne (long spear)} {racial}
#subs {\bjosta\b} {josta (belt)} {racial}
#subs {\bjuans\b} {juans (pink)} {racial}
#subs {laulivas laufisana} {laulivas laufisana (wedding sack)} {racial}
#subs {nauda} {nauda (boots)} {racial}
#subs {\bodaj\b} {odaj (robe)} {racial}
#subs {ozols nuja} {ozols nuja (oak staff)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!(ozols|uguns) )\bnuja\b} {nuja (staff)} {racial}
#subs {rantija} {rantija (cloak)} {racial}
#subs {\brelna\b} {relna (black)} {racial}
#subs {rufjs zobens} {rufjs zobens (scimitar)} {racial}
#subs {rugursora} {rugursora (backpack)} {racial}
#subs {\bsafos\b} {safos (dress)} {racial}
#subs {sarkana} {sarkana (red)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!sildit )sega} {sega (blanket)} {racial}
#subs {sildit sega} {sildit sega (warm blanket)} {racial}
#subs {stroko sis} {stroko sis (heavy mace)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!(stroko|svidaw|tawvgali|\".*|\") )\bsis\b} {sis (mace)} {racial}
#subs {sudrava} {sudrava (silver)} {racial}
#subs {svidaw sis} {svidaw sis (throwing club)} {racial}
#subs {tawvgali sis} {tawvgali sis (light mace)} {racial}
#subs {turinstil} {turinstil (butterfly)} {racial}
#subs {uguns nuja} {uguns nuja (quarter staff)} {racial}
#subs {\bvalta\b} {valta (white)} {racial}
#subs {varda svidaw cirvi} {varda svidaw cirvi (throwing axe)} {racial}
#subs {vargs zovens} {vargs zovens (greatsword)} {racial}
#subs {\bvariog\b} {variog (small shield)} {racial}
#subs {\bvarna\b} {varna (crow)} {racial}
#subs {\bvikses\b} {vikses (trousers)} {racial}
#subs {vilks kodur} {vilks kodur (two-handed mace)} {racial}
#subs {\bvluze\b} {vluze (blouse)} {racial}
#subs {\bvruna\b} {vruna (brown)} {racial}
#subs {\bzala\b} {zala (green)} {racial}
#subs {\bzelts\b} {zelts (gold)} {racial}
#subs {\bzila\b} {zila (blue)} {racial}
#subs {\ba'?slo\b} {a'slo (heavy edged weapon)} {racial}
#subs {aggahhpel} {aggahhpel (dream veil)} {racial}
#subs {ama'?hhrsk bracelet} {ama'hhrsk bracelet (love bracelet)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!')\bata\b(?!')} {ata (axe)} {racial}
#subs {dako uaro} {dako uaro (club)} {racial}
#subs {dako'?gi crossbow} {dako'gi crossbow (fighter's crossbow)} {racial}
#subs {gamantang} {gamantang (overcoat)} {racial}
#subs {grah'?uaro} {grah'uaro (throwing club)} {racial}
#subs {hhr'?ata} {hhr'ata (throwing hammer)} {racial}
#subs {hhr'?ibu} {hhr'ibu (light crossbow)} {racial}
#subs {hhr'?tami} {hhr'tami (war hammer)} {racial}
#subs {kudalata} {kudalata (heavy edged weapon)} {racial}
#subs {lanahh pahapo} {lanahh pahapo (bastard sword)} {racial}
#subs {lata'?oloh} {lata'oloh (medium edged weapon)} {racial}
#subs {(?<!')\blata\b(?!')} {lata (blade)} {racial}
#subs {\bmahil\b} {mahil (short bow)} {racial}
#subs {mehath bracelet} {mehath bracelet (memorial bracelet)} {racial}
#subs {nehdalata} {nehdalata (curved broadsword)} {racial}
#subs {nehlata} {nehlata (dagger)} {racial}
#subs {pel'?hhsmur} {pel'hhsmur (tail drape)} {racial}
#subs {(peyvu|pilonu|rasha'?hhsograth)} {$1 (hand flower)} {racial}
#subs {pi'? pejek} {pi' pejek (throwing knife)} {racial}
#subs {por'?nidrel} {por'nidrel (left eye jewelry)} {racial}
#subs {q'?zhalata} {q'zhalata (assassin's knife)} {racial}
#subs {ru'?at bracelet} {ru'at bracelet (friendship bracelet)} {racial}
#subs {s'?hhra ashu} {s'hhra ashu (dagger)} {racial}
#subs {s'?rnhhl bow} {s'rnhhl bow (composite bow)} {racial}
#subs {saran'?pon'?hhs Peri'?el} {saran'pon'hhs Peri'el (ceremonial flute)} {racial}
#subs {sharmiit'?mhhg} {sharmiit'mhhg (bead embroidery)} {racial}
#subs {shh'?oi'?ata} {shh'oi'ata (greataxe)} {racial}
#subs {shh'?oi'?lata} {shh'oi'lata (greatsword)} {racial}
#subs {sur'?nidrel} {sur'nidrel (right eye jewelry)} {racial}
#subs {tei'?oloh'?ata} {tei'oloh'ata (war axe)} {racial}
#subs {tei'?oloh'?lata} {tei'oloh'lata (war sword)} {racial}
#subs {uaro'?s'?sugi} {uaro's'sugi (head scarf)} {racial}
#subs {uenlata} {uenlata (chakram)} {racial}
#subs {\buku'?uan\b} {uku'uan (bow)} {racial}
#subs {uku'?uanstaho} {uku'uanstaho (crossbow)} {racial}
#subs {\bvenda\b} {venda (ring)} {racial}