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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Rakash
Gender: Male
Location: Siksraja
Type: guard


The guard for the Dzirta Nars Gazlok is an elderly gent, whose white hair and bushy eyebrows belie his alert brown eyes. Weathered skin, now paled from his indoor station, covers the exposed areas of his gaunt frame. He is wearing a faded blue odaj fastened by a worn ceremonial sash. Loose brown pants almost hide battered boots that appear to have taken on the shape of his feet. An oak staff is tied to his back with a braided weapon strap.

Conversation Topics

  • All topics: Guard Gazlok looks appraisingly at you, then responds, "Why do you ask? I don't share my knowledge with just anyone you know. I see a lot go on here, but my job is to guard the pack house, not to be the village gossip!"