Gashpa's Gathered Goodies (1)

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Gashpa's Gathered Goodies
Event Feast of Eluned 2, Platinum Anniversary Festival 412
Owner Gashpa
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Trinket shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Gashpa's Gathered Goodies]
Tables and chests and numerous other containers line the wagon's outer areas. Small planks extend outward from the normally small interior to provide extra space for the shop's inventory. Well-dressed patrons with their servants in tow move through the aisles, frequently frowning at the distasteful items that Gashpa so proudly displays. A large sign hangs overhead.
You also see a scratched metal stand with some stuff on it, a gleaming silver counter with some stuff on it, a polished abalone trunk with some stuff on it, a tall glass case with some stuff on it, a large wooden sign, and a crimson canvas flap.
Obvious exits: none.

A large wooden sign reads:

     Welcome to Gashpa's Gathered Goodies!

    The items sold here are only decorative.
  The kits hold no items, can't eat the food,
  nor do any of the notices and such have any
              real monetary value.

  Some of these items would make lovely pieces
      for tables within a home. Certainly
         something new to talk about!

On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
feather duster 312   
board game with obviously missing pieces 500   
deck of tattered cards 562   
unfinished canvas (1) 2250   
sketch book 1,875   !!
stack of magic books 1,875   
crumpled manuscripts 375   
On the velvet-lined chest
Item Price Done
bank note 625   
bank note 625   
bank note 625   
eviction notice 562   
crisp scroll stamped with the symbol of Ilithi 562   
crisp scroll stamped with the symbol of Qi'Reshalia 562   
crisp scroll stamped with the symbol of Therengia 562   
crisp scroll stamped with the symbol of Zoluren 562   
unfinished love letters 375   
On the glass case
Item Price Done
scraps of leather 1,000   
opened weapon maintenance kit 1,500   
opened armor polishing kit 1,500   
dirty tools 1,000   
On the abalone trunk
Item Price Done
colorful seashell collection 875   
collection of broken arrowheads 750   
stack of velvet coasters 625   
shaving cup 312   
stack of wrapped gifts 1,875   
rolls of wrapping paper 562   
scented candles 1,187   
trio of half-burned candles 937   
clump of dried roses 312   
On the metal stand
Item Price Done
stack of dirty dishes 937   !!
heap of sand 187   
pile of dust 187   
collection of differently styled left shoes 937   
pile of wood shavings 187   
warring dust bunnies 187   
bundle of dirty clothes 1,187